True Love

14358395My love story at one glance would seem like an ordinary type of story that could happen to anyone. I do remember when someone asked about my love story, I simply answered it’s just an ordinary type of love story – a girl married to her childhood friend.

My husband was a long lost friend. We were neighbors when we were kids. He was a childhood acquaintance.  But in our case we never shared the casual friendship that I shared with his older brother and younger sister. The two of us didn’t have much fond memories when we were young. We used to treat each other as cousins, because his uncle is an older brother of his mom and married to my aunt an older sister of my father. But when my father died when I was 8 years old, our mom had to bring me and my siblings in our grandmother in the province so she can work in Manila. The happy days with our childhood friends ended.

Many years had passed then I saw a childhood friend again. That time I was looking for a job and she offered me a good position in their company. I took the opportunity and was hired.

After 3 months of working in the new company, the older brother of my childhood friend was hired too. He caught the attention of almost everyone in the company not only because he was the tallest guy there, but he was so jolly and friendly. Some girls said he was a good looking man and very helpful.

I remembered when we were invited to attend on one of our officemate’s birthday. That night I was hoping that he will drive me home because he was the only person I can trusted with. But he was so busy with other girl. I heard that he was courting that lady.

After a week I found out that the lady he was courting didn’t like him. She wanted someone who was more famous, have more money and aggressive. Those qualities were definitely not him.

I got to observe him when this girl turned him down. He seemed not affected. I didn’t see any sadness in his eyes. Still, he always looks so friendly. He never came to a crowd without a joke and a great smile.

After 2 months from his failed courtship, I started hearing comments and teases from our relatives that we can be a perfect partner. They said we can build a better relationship as couples. We just laughed and ignored it.

Then on the next month, a male officemate asked me to accompany him in a mall. I accepted the invitation. I thought it was the perfect time to get along with another guy to unwind my mind from a failed relationship. But I found out that it was a planned invitation. That childhood friend was the one who wanted to be with me in the mall and that one who had invited me was just chaperon. I was intrigued and in my mind he was the last person I expected to have a date with so I just waited for him to say things on me. I waited for his countless jokes that he usually do in a crowd. But he was so silent. He didn’t talk that much. For me, there was nothing so special about that day.

Then he started to court me. Every day he gave something– chocolates, ice cream or things to remember. We became so close like best of friends. We always talked about many things – our childhood, our past relationship, his dreams, my dreams and our fears.

After a month of courtship and being a good friend to each other, he was hospitalized. He asked me to visit him. In the hospital, he requested me to rub his body with wet towel because that time he had a high fever. I was rubbing his body when our officemates came. They teased us. I felt so embarrass and told them I need to go. I was about to leave the room when I heard him said. “ She’s my girl now.”  I told myself “ joke!” and rolled my eyes.

The other day, he called me up to inform that he had just arrived home from hospital. I knew hearing his voice didn’t make me feel excited. What I felt was, I didn’t like to talk to him for a moment nor see him. What he said in the hospital made me feel annoyed.

When I returned home he was there. He asked me how was my work and if I was tired. I said yes and wanted to take a rest. He didn’t go instead he talked and began saying his funny jokes until I smile. I didn’t know when I began to like again his company, his unending talks, and his amusing jokes. He started to touch my heart and decided to embrace him in my life.

Since we were childhood friends and our families were familiar with each other,  we decided to get married after three months of being together. In our marital relationship we always found a new ways to liven up our lives. We became a perfect partner according to our relatives. But for me we were far from being perfect because like any other relationship, we fight, we got mad at each other sometimes. The only thing we can be perfect was we apologized afterward to resolve our issues before we sleep so we can wake up with a smile in each other’s face.

Our belief in commitment made us strong to face the troubles in our married life. Yes, I had committed myself to him and want to spend my whole life with him. We’ve been through a lot of circumstances and yet still our relationship is still strong. We have realized that true loving is not just actually looking and loving each other but moving together in the same direction and same dream – to be at each other’s arms till our last breath ends.

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