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Undoubtedly Home Along Da Riles is among the Philippine’s best sitcoms. This sitcom introduced me to our comedy king, Dolphy.

Home Along Da Riles from its title when translated to proper English means “home along the railroad tracks” is a show about a family living near the railroad tracks. The main character is Kevin Cosme, played by Dolphy, head of the family who despite lacking financially managed to keep his family happy.

I can still remember where I was and what I was doing when I recall some episodes of the show.

1. There was this scene where the only daughter, Bing(Claudine), while selling barbeque was caught in the middle of two fighting men. The men each took a barbeque stick as a weapon and when they stab each other they would take a bite on the barbeque. In the end the daughter realized both men pretended to fight just to eat free barbeque. This was the first time I watched the show.

2. Who would forget the character of Azon’s househelp, Roxanne(Dang), who tends to fall in love with security guards.

3. Sunog-baga boys – group of men who most of the time spends their time drinking along the railroad tracks. Kevin continuously remind them not to drink too much.

4. Another scene I can recall is when the oldest son, Bill(Smokey), I think because it was payday tried to impress his family by giving money to his siblings. He did not realize he gave all his money so he asked his father in the end.

5. On the course of the show it was revealed Azon(Nova) was originally Kevin’s lover but Kevin eloped unknowingly with Scion (also played by Nova) who is Azon’s twin sister. Scion knew Kevin and Azon’s plan to elope and disguised herself to be Azon.

6. Funny scenes where the train would pass and things would fall from every part of the old house.

7. On the episode where Kevin’s more financially stable siblings visited I think from abroad.
There was a dramatic scene where it was revealed Kevin tried to save money so that he can use the money
for his studies only to be spent by his father for the studies of his older brother.

8. The episode were Kevin fell inlove and actually got married to widow of a soldier(Alice) missing in action. After the wedding ceremony the husband appeared and Kevin said something in Filipino, “Missing in action ka tapos magpapakita ka kung kailan honeymoon na namin (You were declared missing in action and you reappear when we were supposed to take our honeymoon).”

9. The episode were Kevin and Azon got married only to be revealed in the end it was just a dream. Azon who still cannot accept it was a dream prevents the show credits from being displayed upward (she would push it downward many times).

10. Scene where Bridge(Ces), Bob(Gio)’s mother-in-law, saw Azon buying some cheap items on the supermarket because Azon taught nobody would see her there. Bridge noticed the cheap goods on Azon’s cart making Azon feel ashamed. Because there was friction between the two Azon said, “Sino ba may-ari nitong supermarket na ito at bibilhin ko? (Tell me the owner of this supermarket so that I can buy it from the owner).” Bridge replied, “Hay naku, Azon hindi ko sa iyo ibebenta ito(Azon I will not sell you this supermarket).” It turned out the supermarket owner is Bridge.

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