Too Sexy?

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What’s wrong with wearing something that embraces the curves of a woman?

There is a thin line between sexy and skanky but can’t a young woman wear a good pair of short-shorts? I don’t agree when people say that “some” girls are just plain asking for it when they wear something SEXY or even if they are SKANKY that still doesn’t give anyone some sort of grant to abuse the hell out of them. Stilettos, mini-skirts, Daisy Duke shorts, mini-clubbing dresses do not equate to the desire of being the center of perversions.

I remember talking to a friend about rape victims and one victim was attractive and definitely sexy but not slutty. Just stunning. Pheromone-incarnate. I disagreed with her opinion about the way she was dressed and how she was just “asking” for it. I mean NO WOMAN in this world would do her best to look attractive just so she would get raped. Its not I like we just wake up one morning, do our hair and make-up, slip that black mini and stilettos and proclaim: “I feel like being raped today!”.

It is normal for a woman to make sure she looks her best. I, personally don’t wear a lot of make-up but I do wear short-shorts and body hugging shirts/dresses that are in fashion. Since when was being fashionable a crime? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dress like Rihanna in her concerts so don’t give me a disapproving look with flared nostrils when I mention – SHORT SHORTS. I’m pretty sure not all sexy women are promiscuous, so why judge? If I complain about old perverts people would always redirect it to my shorts, heels, dress, skirts, etc. I mean come on! Isn’t it because they’re just old and perverted? I’m doing all this for myself and my boyfriend, not to seek unwanted attention from perverts and definitely not to get raped.

We are all vain in our own way so can’t we just avoid all the judgements and walk in our own fashion show? I know there has to be some boundaries when it comes to showing skin (i.e., bikinis are meant for the beach) but at the peak of a woman’s beauty, she should be allowed to bask in it and flaunt it. Its a metamorphosis, part of life, so to speak. If you’re conservative and like covering up, well good on you! If you are not fashionably sound, well, I might disagree but I’ll let you be. If you’re a bit on the skanky side, I might get distracted by your boobs for a few seconds but I will still not judge just be careful because there are a lot of perverts out there. You know what I mean? With that I bid you adieu, peace and happy holidays!

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