To the One Who Never Knew How I Feel

Wounded heart (Photo credit: wordpress)
Wounded heart (Photo credit: wordpress)


Wounded heart (Photo credit: wordpress)
Wounded heart (Photo credit: wordpress)

When you held my hand, I thought you’d never let go. When you kissed my lips, I believed that everything would last forever. When you touched my face, I wished that it would last a life time. And when you embraced me, I thought it’s gonna be love. But I was wrong.

The moments we’ve had were just mere tactics of destiny to fool my heart. Although I asked for someone who’ll be there for me through happiness and sorrows, I didn’t mean it to happen for just a while. I meant something that will last forever. But I know this is impossible, so I settled for the truth of just being your friend. No tears, just smiles.

Then I told you that I will never ever fall in love with you. I guaranteed that I will just note your “flirty” act as a friendly one. But these things were all lies. I felt that I was starting to get weak and lose control of my feelings. Without letting you know, I just soon realized that…

I love you.

I kept on telling myself that someday, somehow, you will love me more than being just your friend. I’ll try to give you all the love and care that you need. I told you that you can even tell me secrets that I would surely keep. But no matter what I do to make things better for the both of us, it just becomes too frustrating. After all the love and concern I’ve shown, you still chose to lead a path all by yourself. I’m a fool for letting you come into my life, and you are a fool for letting me go.

Today, I feel sad for not having you. But sooner or later, you’ll be sorry for losing someone who could give you the love that you want.

You made me love you, but you left me… standing alone.

I am hurt.

My heart is deeply wounded.

I guess I never learned my lesson, but someday, I hope, I will.


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