To My Future Half

(Photo Credit: Justinmoorhouse)
(Photo Credit: Justinmoorhouse)

Dear Future Half,

 This is my first letter to you, I never really think of writing a letter since it will cause an increase in my hopeless romantic level and maybe it will explode my heart because of the intensity of waiting for you. But I can’t help it. This letter has always been a good output to waste my time and the best reliever to my emptiness.

 I really don’t have an idea who you are that’s why I want to call you Mr. Blank…Blank since  in my mind I can see you as an empty book. A plain white page, where the writer had no idea how to define you. And the writer would be ME…I have no idea how we will meet; I don’t have an idea if you’re just a neighborhood or just a stranger who will try to contact me when you first see me. (That would be sweet… :). But I know you’re just out there also waiting for me.

 There are so many things I want to tell you, just any other women do. Mr. Blank I want to share my dreams with you, I want you to trust me and never let go. It’s so exciting that I haven’t met you and never started writing our love story yet, I’m so damn thinking about you on a daily basis..Lol.. This is just me… You have to accept it… 🙂

I just don’t have a clue who are you, but if right now your heart is breaking, just hang in there…Or if someone you love rejects you, please hang on for me, because one day, we’re gonna meet and fall in love, please believe that day would happen .Were one day, we will utter our sweetest “I do” and you’ll be the BEST CHOICE I’ve ever made.  You’r e the man I choose to be the father of my kids, one boy who would look like you and a girl who have my nose and my eyes . When you’re going to work, I’ll promise that I will be the last person you see and also when you come back home I will be waiting at the door, smiling while waiting at you. And if there are some obstacles we will face, please don’t let me fight alone :), neither of us will ever be the perfect couple but we can strive to please God and to do his will. I want to be your wife and I want you to be my husband.

I long for the day when God reveals you to me, my lover, my best friend and the person who will write with me to finish the book, to fill the empty pages of that plain book. I pray for you daily, that He will bless you, that He will use you in a great and mighty way. I pray for our future together.

 I’m nowhere near the woman God has called me to be. I have major sins and major faults that I need to take care of. I don’t think I’m ready for you yet. But I am waiting for you and I am holding on to my romantic, albeit naive heart, knowing I will give it to you one day, fully trusting you to keep it safe.

So, future husband, I hope this letter makes a difference to you. I really do exist. Please wait for me. I am waiting for you.

 Patiently waiting,

Your future wife

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  • Purple Blaze

    Hahaha, that comment clearly states how cynical that person is… Feeling ko may pinag dadaanan.. And how can someone tell someone that what she’s doing is wrong if he don’t even know her in the first place???

    Ok, this is where the “Mind your own business” and “do what you preach” takes place. ^_^ v

    Keep it up young lady. It’s your own life and no one should dictate what you should do with it…KEEP WRITING, and maybe you can even use the “cynical people’s opinion” as your topic next time. Heheheh

    Really, I found the comment funny and out of place hahahahah! … Wala lang, ‘di ko lang napigilang hindi mag comment. ^_^

    And oh, he read your blog …. Meaning interesado sya about “love” hahahaha!

  • I will not apologise sa comment ko na ito! Kailangan mo malaman ang totoo kahit masakit. Para yan sa iyo. Para malaman mo ang tama sa mali.

  • Ely Tayko

    pd ba! tama na ang mga letter to my future ewan ewan na yan! Dadating naman yan sa inyo kung para yan sa inyo eh. para kasi kayong mga desperadong taong gustong magka-lovelife! Ang pasulat-sulat nyo ng ganito pinapakita nyo lang na wala kayong magandang magawa sa mga buhay nyo kung hindi mag-antay ng lovelife na yan. Maraming pwede at dapat na gawin kesa sa mag-antay ng ganyan. Andaming taong nagugutom, maraming trabahong kelangan punan. Mas marami pa ang mga taong nalulungkot, umiiyak, nagdurusa, at naghihirap kesa sa pinagdadaanan mo ngayon. Kesa mag-antay ka sa kanya, bakit hindi mo i-train yung sarili mo na magmahal. Tumulong ka sa kapuspalad. Kaibiganin mo yung kung sino man ang mas malungkot kesa sayo. Mag-aral ka ng bagong skill. Keep yourself busy for dear life! Mag volunteer ka. Mag-aral ka. Magtrabaho ka! I develop mo sarili at pagkatao mo. Kausapin mo nanay mo. O kaya magdasal ka! Kesa antay ka ng antay jan. Para kang desperado. Pagkatapos pag dumating siya. Masyado kang choosy. Hay Naku! Hindi lang ikaw ang taong may problema sa mundo no. At hindi lang romantic lovelife ang buhay. Atat ka lang sa feelings of love, pero ready ka ba sa responsibilities of love? Remember, true love is for life. How sure ka ba na talagang re4ady ka pagdating niya? mamaya, pagdating niya, hindi ka mature enough, wise enough, responsible enough. magfail lang din yang relationship mo. Balik ka lang ulit sa dati.

    Sorry, hindi ko naman intensiyon na sirain ang pangarap mo. Nakakalimot ka kasi kung ano ang unang definition ng love eh. LOVE IS PATIENT. matuto kang mag-antay at maghanda. para kung dumating siya sayo, handa ka. kung hindi, naging makabuluhan pa rin ang buhay mo kasi inilaan mo ito sa isang bagay na makabuluhan. Yun lang naman. Please tama na. Mamaya, sa kakapost mo ng ganyan, Si mr wrong o si mr worst pa ang dumating sayo. God forbid. Good Morning.

    • jai2lady

      Hahaha!:D..soo sweet of you!:).I respect your opinion sir and please huwag mo akong pangunahan and in the first place you don’t know me.I have my own life and I know how to handle it with all my forces and with God.I have no bitterness in life and instead of discouraging someone to write sir,just see the brighter side of it.The letter clearly says, “Patiently waiting”.:)

      Huwag kang mastress hindi mo buhay to at ang taas pa ng comment kaysa sulat ko.:)..chill>.:)

      Have a good day!!