Tinapay ka lang… Kanin ako !!

Tinapay ka lang .. Kanin ako !!!!

(Photo Credit: www.ericwongmma.com)
(Photo Credit: www.ericwongmma.com)

One Thursday morning I was busy at work as usual then my mobile phone rang and trust me this is a phone call that every parent dreads gettingt – and it is from the School Principal of their child.

And yes I got one this morning – he said “Mrs. Ong  can you please pick up your son Jose  because there is an incident that happened this morning and will tell you about it when you arrive here.”

I was like, “okay, I will be there shortly”, and when I hang up the phone my brain starts running probably about 100 miles per hour thinking what happened , what went wrong , a  bit nervous  and panic at the same time.

So I drove to the school, went to the Principal’s office and found my son sitting in there. The Principal said that the incident involved my son who punched one of the student in the nuts and the boy was sent home with ice in his nuts and yes, people, sinuntok niya sa bayag haha… oppps apologies, I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help myself. You see the story behind all this was my son is being bullied by this boy for a while now – he keeps calling him names, cursing at him like you F******** asian,  and all other stuff that  I can’t even put it in writing— every morning whenever he sees my son.

So, this boy is  from England and he started picking on my son for a while but my son keeps ignoring him.

Apparently this particular morning I guess he had enough and when he started calling him names and cursing at him without uttering a word,  he approached him while he was sitting in the bench and punched him in the nuts.

You see I’ve been raising my three kids for a while now since my husband passed away 10 years ago, and I decided to migrate here in Australia and I can proudly say that this is the first time I was called to the Principal’s office with this kind of incident  and this is my youngest child we’re talking about here. My two elder children are already in University.

So the Principal asked my son to write his statement and that’s when we found out what this other boy has been doing to him, but of course, the Principal said that he shouldn’t use violence and put matters in his own hands; to which I agree. He should report or tell it to his teacher that this is happening and now he is in trouble instead of the other boy.

He got suspended that day and the next day.

 While driving home I asked him why you punched him in the nuts – he goes “ so that there’s no evidence”, which made me laugh. haha… And yes, I don’t condone violence but I somehow felt proud of him as he did stand up for himself in this situation. But still he got grounded for a week — no play station and no phones for him.

Come Monday morning, I dropped him off to school as the suspension was finished. And picking him up after, I asked him what happened.

“Did you see him again, what did that boy say to you?”

He goes , “Well he greeted me with joy, Mum, like ‘good morning, buddy, how are you? “ and he even bought me lunch at the tuckshop haha…” and my son said these words that I think is kind of cool – “I THINK HE GOT MY MESSAGE and we’ll see if he can say something about me now or to anyone anymore. I hope he think twice now when he feels the urge to bully someone again, Mum.”

This is my 14 year old son saying this and it makes me a little bit proud of him; growing up without a father figure in the house makes me think that I I’ve done my job as mum and a dad at the same time. As I said and I say it again, I don’t condone violence, but there comes a time that you need to use your fist to fight and stand up for yourself and I know that my son know it too well now.

 I always say to my kids not to be ashamed of your race or where you came from. Be proud of who you are and always stand up for yourself if you know you are right. We Filipinos don’t take crap from anyone.

Remember… Tinapay lang sila sa hapunan, kanin tayo !




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