Tickets to Life, Tatay Jobo and I (From the Home of the Oragons)

Jessa Maria ... Tickets to Life
Jessa Maria ... Tickets to Life

Jessa Maria ...  Tickets to Life“Oragon ka talaga”, the only words I can describe the man who helped me realize my dreams, none other than the heaven-sent, Tatay Jobo Elizes. I never thought he would take a second look at my articles.

Writing is my hobby and have compiled lots of articles from different life experiences, turning the not so good ones into a productive story, even making myself become the person I’m not just to be able to achieve something.

Back in my highschool days, I wanted to write. But being a happy-go-lucky one, Never was I given the chance to do so. My imagination is sometimes running wild, that I can day-dream all day and never put it into words. My mistake back then.

College life came, that I was given the chance to become a campus journalist, and I enjoyed that feeling. To make love with words, manipulate them to come up with whatever it is I like. Unlike talking, in writing no one can stop me, and as my mind grind, the same manner my hand does.

Work made me more zealous, when it comes into writing. I trained students to become campus journalists, where they compete and reap the fruits of their labor.

And with life’s harsh trials on me, I didn’t succumb to just sit in one corner and cry, TICKETS TO LIFE  helped me overcome the sadness. This may not be the perfect one, but I know | wrote it from my heart.

And now realizing that on my hand is the solid evidence that I have done something for myself, is one thing I can be proud of, that I rose and fought to survive, made something productive, and that is LIFE.

Definitely Filipino, Tatay Jobo, and other sites where I posted my articles made my life meaningful. And that alone is something that I can be truly grateful. Tickets to Life is now at, I can now say I authored a book , from my blood, sweat, tears and toils.  I’m a writer.

And yes, I am a bicolana, from the Home of the Oragons. Proud to be who I am.

author:   jessa maria


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