Throes of the Diverted: Act 9 – Trust and Betrayal

he fell for her…he believed in her. This is the latest of his mistakes.

It’s time for supper. Katyu sent Kyle a text message asking if she has had supper already but she did not reply. So he decided to call her instead and he discovered that her phone was not even turned on. He tried to call her several times but to no avail.

He thought Shinn might be able to shed some light on the matter so he called her up.

“Hey kid. How’s you? Are you done with dinner? How’s your aunt? What’s she doing?”

“No, I haven’t dined yet. But I don’t know about my aunt. She’s not here.”

It was then when Katyu remembered that Kyle was talking about going out on a friendly dinner with a certain guy.

But she told him she was not thinking of showing up. So he wondered what happened.

“Hmmm…she did went out with that guy after all. That is why she stayed in her office until past six. She must have waited for him. She lied to me.” he figured

Katyu started to fall apart inside. There was this aching inside of him so compelling that he suddenly felt exhausted as though all the energy inside of him was depleted.

He tried to call her up again several times but got the same error message. Her phone was definitely switched off.

“Why did she felt the need to switch her mobile phone off? She probably didn’t want to get disturbed in whatever it was she was doing” talking to himself

“She lied to me. I can’t believe it” he thought then released a sigh

Katyu felt betrayed.

“All I ask from her was to behave, treat me right, and just love me. That is all. How could she do this to me? She did not have to lie. All she needed to do was ask. I won’t hold her back.”

Just last night both of them had a wonderful time together basking in the warmth of romance. That is why Katyu felt so betrayed and lost. How could a woman spend an intimate evening with a man she is romantically involved with then go out on a date with a different man the next evening?

It just did not make any sense to him.

As he struggled to find wisdom, his phone vibrated. It was a text message from Shinn.

“Don’t feel bad bro. Suck it up. That is life. Just do your thing,” she said

Katyu shook his head gently. A 14-year old girl is trying to cheer him up and give him comfort.

“She told me she’s in love with me Shinn. She told me she loved me”

It has been a while since Katyu felt so cheated. And all that he feared might happen was quickly developing into reality. He was so damn sure that Kyle would somehow come up with an alibi of sorts to elude what she has done.

“Because that’s how players play” he scoffed. He was convinced that he was played.

A couple of hours later his phone rang. It was Shinn again. But it was Kyle who on the other end. That threw him off.

“Let me explain okay. Don’t get mad.” says Kyle

Katyu was reluctant to speak.

“My phone wasn’t turned off. There must be something wrong with the network,” she explained

Katyu’s spirit sank to the bottom after hearing her said that.

He thought, “So this is her excuse, blame it on the network? It’s blatantly lame”

Katyu used to work for a mobile phone company that is why he’s pretty sure that it was not a problem with the network. He’s so certain about the difference between “out of the coverage area” automated voice prompt from “the subscriber cannot be reached” prompt.

“So where have you been?” he asked

“I went out with this guy coz he showed up in my office to fetch me. He said he already cancelled his meetings just so we can go out on a date so I had no choice but to go with him”

“Didn’t you already told him over the phone that you’ve decided to cancel that date? Plus, you told me you really don’t plan on going”

“I know but…please don’t be angry,” pleaded Kyle

Katyu came to a tragic awareness of the unreality of his relationship with Kyle. It began dawn on him that he made the mistake of believing that he was in a genuine loving relationship with Kyle. He closes his eyes, a tear fell, so he wondered what it was for and to whom was it meant? Was it for himself or for Kyle? Or perhaps for the future that he dreamt for so eagerly with her that has most recently came to a heart breaking disaster?

He took a long gaze at Kyle’s photo that he kept on his phone. The pain was real…the dream was not. His mistake has been unravelled…he fell for her…he believed in her. This is the latest of his mistakes.

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