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Is the earth our own enemy or is it sick? It seems to be crumbling from within. Hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes are born above the horizon. Volcanoes looking like majestic mountains are gurgling out lava from the core of the earth. Earthquakes rumble from the deep and the oceans open up like hungry monsters swallowing everything on its path. These natural calamities leave behind unimaginable destruction and sorrow.

Has mankind not suffered enough from chaos that is prevalent in sporadic zones of our planet? There is unrest caused by political differences, religious affiliations, and power struggle. People are driven by greed, envy, materialism, and insatiable lust for anything that will feed their senses. Unending wars around the globe result in lives used and decimated. And to cap these series of mind-boggling events, recession creeps in like a snitcher and blasts our eardrums.

Has mankind turned utterly evil and cannot change? Man by nature is resistant to change if the change runs counter to his interests. But learning to appreciate the favorable effects of change will redound to his benefit and to his fellowmen. We can still keep a lid to suppress arrogance, oppression, controversy, unquenchable desire for riches, and lust in all its forms. Whatever is attained from these senseless goals are not meant to last which leaves us a choice.

Love for fellowmen is the key to survival. Love begets peace and understanding amongst all men. Love for his fellowmen will move world leaders to resolve internal conflicts that might have global repercussions. Man will not have to outrace his neighbor except in friendly competitions. There would be no race for nuclear dominance. There would be no horrible thoughts of nuclear attacks that would blow us to smithereens. There would be no racial differences and confusion on religion.

To minimize natural disasters, we have to do things that will appease Mother Earth. All we have to do is to keep the earth green. We do away with chemicals that destroy the natural function of the soil and atmosphere. The earth is sick and so are we, but we human beings are capable of creating positive stands on survival. It may pacify Mother Earth and all together, we make the world go round and round and all living things co-exist in harmony.

Mary Lou M. Cortez

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