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I do not subscribe to the idea that children are obliged to repay the sacrifices of their parents in raising them because I believe that it is parents’ duty and obligations to nurture, guide and provide their children’s needs, including good education, until they would be able to find their place in the sun and stand on their own feet. It is very heartening to note however, that in reality there are many good children who value the sacrifices of their parents and reciprocates by taking care of their needs and providing them assistance whenever necessary.

There is a saying which says; “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingnan ay hindi makarating sa paroroonan.” However, putting a positive twist to this adage, it would say, “Ang marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, malayo ang mararating.” No wonder, most successful persons share their blessings and became philanthropists.

I admire children who value the sacrifices of their parents and would say “I’ve done my best for my parents, but still it seems so very small for all what they did for me.”

My conversation with a woman prompted me to express my thoughts. While my wife was queuing at the counter to pay for our grocery items, I sat on a chair next to a senior citizen woman sitting near the information counter and had a nice chat with her.  At first we talked about a couple sitting next to us who had just left. A 70 years old man and a 26 years old woman. We thought that they were father and daughter but it turned out that they were lovers. We had a good laugh after they left.

Our conversation touched a topic wherein she said that their children were giving financial assistance for their medicines in spite of the fact that they can afford to buy their own medicines considering that her husband was a retired seaman and a ship captain. She said that their children talked among themselves and agreed to shoulder the amount for their medicines as pay-back for the sacrifices that they have done to raise them.

It is common knowledge that there are many children who reciprocate the sacrifices of their parents, particularly those who work abroad. Not only helping their own families but extended families as well, such as, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins and relatives benefited from their generosity.  And their blessings seem to increase many times over because as the saying goes, “The more you give the more you receive.”

I’m sure children helping their parents could relate to this.

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