Things a Man Values Most in a Woman

“It’s hard to find a woman like that.”

I probably heard this more times than I can count.

This post is written with two things in mind – inform women of what a man (not a boy) values most and how a man can attract such a woman (ladies, feel free to comment).

  1. Loyalty

    Look back at history of where men ruled most of the known world and look at what they value the most in other people – loyalty.

    Watch Game of Thrones and look at the common themes.

    Betrayal hurts a man more than anything.

  2. Same values

    I always wondered what were the keys to a successful relationship.

    Growing up, all the movies I ever watched told me that interests were key.

    The boy falls in the love with the girl because she loves to play guitar as well or she likes the same music.

    The thing about interest is… it doesn’t last.

    What you were into last year may not be the same thing you are into today.

    The overarching theme among your interests is your taste. Your preferences.

    But the thing even more fundamental than that are your values.

    Some people call it their “non-negotiables.”

    Values can be things such as “my family is very important to me, if they need my help more than you need my help, I will cater to them.”

    Just remember this:

    Values > Taste > Interests.

    Values make or break the relationship.
    Tastes make the relationship enhanced.
    Interests make you two inseparable.

  3. Confidence

    Nothing is sexier to a man than a woman who is confident in her own way.

    After reading a lot of books and watching a lot of courses, there seems to be one universal truth – that people are attracted to people who are confident about themselves.

    This is the part where it gets tricky.

    People think that in order to be confident – you need to have all the right things in order – a good career, a toned body, good looks, influential circle of friends, sociable, etc.

    But that is not the case.

    Have you ever met someone who was popular among their peers eventhough they weren’t rich or “cool” in the stereotypical sense of the word?

    It’s because they were confident about who they are.

    So what if you don’t like to go to clubs? So what if you don’t like to wear makeup and go to music festivals?

    If you are proud of the fact that you enjoy reading at home and drinking warm tea, then be confident about it.

    There are no laws prohibiting you to be confident.

    Not to mention, that insecurity and low self esteem can make you do some very stupid things.

And that’s it.

Just three?

Yup, in essence, those are the main things a man looks for in a woman.

But what about independence?
Doesn’t a man like a woman who can take care of her self?

Well, that depends on their values.

If both the man and the woman fundamentally believe that the man ought to the provider and the woman ought to be the homemaker, then it will go well for them regardless of her self-sufficiency.

If both believe in financing their own lives and only want each other for their company, they will go well too.

Values, people.

But what does a man need to do to attract a woman whose loyal, has the same values and confident?

He has to become the same.

This post was written by Ben Sim from iPrice group.

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Ben is a blogger & life enthusiast. When he isn't busy with his nose in personal growth books, he is counting how few things he owns and practicing stoicism. He currently works for iPrice group.
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