The Valkyries

The Valkyries (Photo credit: darchwonders.wordpress)
The Valkyries (Photo credit: darchwonders.wordpress)
The Valkyries (Photo credit: darchwonders.wordpress)
The Valkyries (Photo credit: darchwonders.wordpress)

Paulo Coelho never fails to amaze me.  Another superb book of his: “The Valkyries”. Now, that is not the word I encounter everyday. I learned from the book that they are, “Messengers of the gods, they led heroes to their death—then to paradise.”

The book also asks you a question: why do we destroy the things we love the most?  The book was very intriguing because we all want to know the answer. We can all relate to it. It only took me a few hours to finish it because I wanted to know what happens next. It keeps you asking for more.

The author shared some private things about his life that can be scrutinized by the public. But he nevertheless shared it, to prove one thing: no matter how great we are, we are still human, capable of making mistakes. All of us can be vulnerable and be put into compromising situations.

To err is human. But the book shows us the consequences of our actions, and how we can overcome it. How we can be reborn again, and enter the gates of paradise, with the help of our angel.

In our lives, we are faced with trials and temptations. We are faced with dilemmas. We have to choose wisely. Are we willing to give up certain things in our life for momentary pleasure and gain? Or do we cherish and give importance to the things that are more stable?

We should focus on the things that are indispensable.  We should ask ourselves this question: what are the things that are intangible? How can we preserve a long-time relationship? We have to remember what made us fall in love with the person in the first place. It is about acceptance and forgiveness. It’s about taking the journey with the one you love, and never giving up.

The author mentioned at the last page of his book that this novel might disappoint people who are looking for the “perfect being,” which clearly he is not, like the rest of us.

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