The Two Realms of Human Living

Social anxiety (Photo Credit: Socialad.wordpress)
Social anxiety (Photo Credit: Socialad.wordpress)

Every human being has been placed in all kinds of classifications. One may be classified according to race, gender, social status, financial status, etc. Point to someone and immediately a throng of adjectives for classification can be thrown at him. Sometimes, the classifications may offend such as racism and sexism, but sometimes, the classifications are ignored. People are too busy looking at other people who most of the time, they forget to look at themselves; they forget to look inside their heads and inside their hearts. The study that I have done from spirituality and the little that I know from the emerging field of quantum physics have led me to believe that people live their lives in two ways, which I think is one of the most important categories that each person has to look into. One can live in survival or in creation. Would you know how you are living your life at this very moment?

Social anxiety   (Photo Credit:    Socialad.wordpress)
Social anxiety (Photo Credit: Socialad.wordpress)

It saddens my heart and my soul to know that at least 95% of the people I know are living in the realm of survival. Why do I call it realm? It’s because the mind and the body are conditioned to follow the same patterns day in and day out. Though the outside world may change, the person’s state of being is still seeing the world in one lens and that is the ugly lens of survival. Educated, illiterate, rich, and poor, all of us are or have been subjected to live on this realm. A mind-set for survival is marked by the lingering and sometimes overwhelming thoughts of scarcity, competition, adversity, which results to anxiety. Notice that when one is anxious, that person fears for his survival. For example, a common Filipino problem during this time of the year is the issue of school fees. Immediately, parents go into survival mode, trying to scour enough money so they can send their children to school. Although the problem has been addressed, those parents had to go through a lot of stress.

The fear of not being able to send the child to school causes a ton of anxiety and stress which moves the person to find resources. Once the money has been gathered, the action stops, and the person survives the situation. Now why did I say survive? The mindset behind the action done here is adaptive rather than manipulative of the environment. Like a hungry lion, the animal uses a lot of energy to hunt so that he may eat in order to survive another day. This pattern can be seen in an animal’s life all the rest of its day.

The same is true for the people living in this realm but it’s anxiety rather than hunger that mostly pushes them to act. Anxiety about bills, relationships, social status, children, etc. forces a person to temporarily address the problem, surviving the day. A month or two later, the same problems arise which evoke anxiety, and action, and the pattern goes on. These are the observable factors of a person carrying the survival mindset. But let’s peek closer. What happens inside the minds of these people? What are their thoughts and how do they talk with themselves?

People don’t give a lot of attention but our thoughts and how we talk to ourselves carve our destiny.

A mind-set on survival tends to have no overarching thought; hence, the mind is not set to a one great purpose. When this happens, the mind is merely adapting to the environment. For example, a regular employee wakes up one morning and says, “God, it’s Monday again. Can we fast forward to the weekend please?” Instantaneously, the mind is focused to survive the coming days. He gets up from his bed and drags his feet to get some coffee, hoping that this will give him energy to get going. “If only I can stay here and not go to work,” he thinks to himself while sipping his hot and bitter drink. The fear of losing his job pushes him to work. He gets to work and greets his boss courteously because he’s afraid. He spends 8 hours a day doing the most tedious and boring job in the world because his mind tells him that he has bills to pay, people to feed, partner to keep happy, and children to send to school. Sometimes, he works 10-12 hours a day to make ends meet. He sacrifices his health, joy, and happiness because he’s anxious of the alternative. His mind’s focus is on the environment, and how he can sustain his living. He only acts because he is trying to survive his fears like a gazelle running away from a pouncing lion. He works to live another day, nothing more.

The sad thing about a mind bent to survive is the illusion that it is inescapable. One may think that there’s no other alternative to living. He sees other people who are well-off, happy, and living the life they want and thinks that life is unfair. He looks for reasons why these people are enjoying their lives and he sees that they are genetically gifted, financially blessed, or just plain lucky. He closes his eyes and tells himself, “ganyan talaga ang buhay: may mayayaman at mahihirap. Dahil mahirap ako, kelangan kong maghirap para mabuhay ako at ang pamilya ko.” He reinforces his beliefs about survival and sees no other possible world. And because his mind thinks of nothing but surviving, his life stays the same, following the same pattern. But there’s an escape to this. There’s a way out. And the reader can begin at this very moment. All he needs to do is to consciously shift his thinking to the other realm: creation.

The Earth   (Photo Credit:
The Earth (Photo Credit:

The Holy Bible tells us that we are stewards of God’s creations and the Bible also tells us that we are fashioned from the image and likeness of God. By this statement alone, we know that we are not survivors. With our birthright, we came to this universe as creators or co-creators of God. The Creator Himself breathed life within us. So what does that make us? Why are we afraid to light up and be who we are born to be? The institutions of this world like the government, the church among others are afraid to propagate this idea because they fear that they will lose their hold over the population.

I will not be surprised if the statements above will merit some harsh criticism but God is within us and because of that we are creators. Now, the concept of humans being creators is further supported by Quantum Physics, new field of Science. In this new field, scientists have acknowledged the function of every person’s consciousness (the mind) as having an enormous effect to the environment. In other words, what is inside the mind is always reflected in “real life.” If one’s consciousness is centered on problems, a person’s reality will be filled with problems; hence, he created the problems. If a person’s mind is created towards the achievement of dreams, his mind will find ways to accomplish his dreams and thus creating his dreams. Now isn’t that creation? For those who want further proof, you can search “double slit experiment” and have your mind blown away.

Now,the realm of creation focuses the mind to invent, innovate, create, or develop. It is no longer concerned with petty issues like human drama, bills, problems, and financial distress. In creation, the mind is fixated which allows the person to transcend all forms of negativity. The mind becomes a powerful tool to manifest the thoughts of a person. Henry Ford thought to fill the world with automobiles. Back then, when horses was the primary mode of transportation, cars were so expensive and impractical that people thought that it was a ridiculous idea. One hundred years later and his company Ford still exists, making him a very successful and prosperous man.

Tony Meloto thought of creating a better Philippines. He was not a very rich man but his dreams pushed him forward. Some years later, his vision has come to reality. Thousands of people from the poorest of the poor are now enjoying their own homes, working with a decent job, and living a life worthy of a human being. His creations have been hailed all over the world. His organization’s model of eradicating poverty is being studied by some of the world’s top countries. In case you don’t know yet, Gawad Kalinga has lifted and inspired millions of souls, paving the way for others to follow the same. These are but two people who have their minds focused on creating. They live in the realm of creation and inspire others to do the same. They wake up every morning filled with gratitude and the burning desire to create. They are sincerely courteous to other people and they work with an undying passion. In the process of creating, the funds come in automatically, relationships are happier, children are more obedient, and life is filled with joy. Though problems occur, they are nothing but momentary bumps and obstacles. The mind is focused on achieving a dream, on manifesting a vision. What is in their minds is created in the world. What is stopping you from doing the same? What is stopping you from getting what you want in life?

The shifting of mindset can be done at any moment through the use of the person’s will. The first step is always the hardest. One has to think greater than himself in order to escape the usual patterns of survival. This can done by focusing the mind to a Higher Power and surrendering all the problems, worries, or anxieties that one may have. This creates the necessary space inside the mind of the person which allows him to think of other things. After the process of surrendering, one may begin to give thanks to all the things that the person enjoys at the moment. Thank the Higher Power for the clothes that you have, for the eyes that you use for reading, for the food that you just ate, and for the health that you enjoy. Giving thanks radically shifts the mind from negative to positive. It changes the emotions of a person. Instead of feeling down and out, a person starts to feel warm, happy. And then think of the things that you want to happen and offer them to the Higher Power with all the sincerity of your heart. If you want financial freedom, a happier relationship, a peaceful life, or a more loving family, offer them all to the Higher Power.

Suddenly, the mind is focused on creating those things that you want. It is no longer focused on the things that you don’t want. If these simple steps are practiced habitually, the mind will produce thoughts that inspire and create. Soon enough, money comes abundantly and you have more than what you need. Relationships are happier and more fulfilling. Your family is close and loving like never before. All of these things will happen just because you sought to create them.

What everybody doesn’t know is that your whole life depends on how you think. It directs your life towards survival or creation. So after reading, which realm do you think you belong to? If you can address your problems by trying to survive, how much better can you do if you are trying to achieve your dreams out of creation?

author:   weewo


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