The Playground

Kids having fun in the playground (Photo credit: chrisvaisvil)
Kids having fun in the playground (Photo credit: chrisvaisvil)
Kids having fun in the playground (Photo credit: chrisvaisvil)
Kids having fun in the playground (Photo credit: chrisvaisvil)

May 21,
8:45 P.M
At a hotel,
Room 318, matrimonial bed
With a verandah overlooking the river.

She can’t keep still; she went there for something she’s been wishing in her life.
It took an extra audacity to carry out what she is doing right now.
Lowering herself, taking away her pride just to be able to gauge the confines of her foolishness.

Please do come. I need to be with you”, she silently prayed

She kept on sending messages to him.

“I’ll leave the door open for you; you are welcome to stay for the night”.

There was never a reply, yet she was still hopeful he would come.
She opened the television, but her thoughts were occupied by him. She’s watching her favorite show neither she understood anything. She went inside the bathroom; looked at herself in the mirror.

Will he still like me?”, tracing her fingers on her face.

The lines in her face shows weariness. It’s been a while since she last saw him.

Five months and one day to be exact. But never In a day did she forget.

With a sigh, she went out again. Looked at her mobile phone, still no reply, its already ten o’clock.

She went out of the veranda. She looked at the blinking lights at the other side of the river bank.

Over a year ago, this has been the place where they stayed for their rendezvous. The sweetest place to be with a loved one. Alone with each other, free from the criticizing eyes of the people around them.
Their paradise… lost in the dream.

She typed his number again. It’s ringing, but the call was unanswered.
Several times she tried. Until the other line went off.

The number you have dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area”.

She looked out at the darkness ahead of her. She let out a deep breath. It seemed so frustrating, but it’s not. She felt it differently this time.

“I think I’m going to have what I’ve wished for”.

She went inside the room, checked if the door was unlocked, and then climbed up to bed. She left the TV open and the lights too. She lay down in bed… and fell asleep

T’was already nine in the morning when she woke up the next morning. She was still alone. She searched in her heart if she was frustrated for being disregarded by the person she was waiting for all night long, but she knew he will never come… She came here just to be sure of that.

Funny… the feeling of longing was not there anymore.

But what if he had come?
She knew what she’s going to do if he appeared that very night.
Still it would be the last time…

God is good..

Her wish was granted.

A closure.

Freedom from him

Finally the chapter of him in her life was finally closed.

As she left the room that used to be their playground, she felt as if she was flying.

FREEDOM… at last.

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