The Perfect Coffee

The perfect coffee (Photo credit: blogspot)
The perfect coffee (Photo credit: blogspot)
The perfect coffee (Photo credit: blogspot)
The perfect coffee (Photo credit: blogspot)

Note: Before reading this post, I want you to know that this has not been edited since the day it was posted in the author’s blog on December 20, 2010! This is a work of a trying-to-be-a-spontaneous-writer… If there are grammatical errors, you knew the reason. Now, please READ 🙂

The first thing you have to do before making coffee, you must choose the BEST MUG for you. What do you want? TALL, MEDIUM or SMALL? I remember when I was a li´l girl and my classmates (and everyone, of course) were asking each other what is the height they prefer in a guy! And I was like, ¨Where are my elementary/primary classmates???¨ o.O

Anyway, make sure that cup can hold enough coffee for you. That, it isn´t actually about how it will HOLD you until the last drop of coffee, or breath, or aging…it is about you ¨thinking first¨ that this is the one that you needed; that will satisfy you; that will give not more, not less, but enough.

Now, do you have the CUP?

Now, whatever brand of COFFEE you like, or is your personal favorite, we can´t argue with that. It was like choosing a top between colors red and yellow, when what you really wanted is the red color…nevertheless, you´re double-minded to get the yellow for a change…But, and this is a big BUT, you know that the Red is your best color…So, know what you want; what is right for you and not what the world is telling that it is the trend now. Scratch the trends, wear your Armor of God, hold on to God´s word and you´ll never be out-fashioned.

If you have your grinded-coffee already, choose now your SUGAR. Should it be very-refined WHITE? Slightly refined LIGHT BROWN? refined BROWN? or the very raw sugar called MUSCOVADO? If you are a healthy-eater, go for Muscovado. If you are the squeaky-clean type, go for the very refined White sugar, just to stay in your standards. If you´re just going with the flow, sometimes perfect; sometimes lazy, go for the slightly refined Light-browned sugar. And if you don´t care at all, go for the Brown sugar, which is strongly sweet, too…

I remember the issue of the world about ¨skin color¨ and ¨racism¨… I remember the best film ever actually pointing about that: PRECIOUS. I just saw its trailer, for here in the Philippines, that movie was not introduced yet. I can remember native people investing their money just to bleach their skins and be ¨in¨ with their desired ¨temporary¨ crowds…I remember parents judging their daughter´s suitor on how he looks like…if he´s colored or not…And I remember how God made the world in His likeness, so raw; so healthy and real like Muscovado…Yet, how the people chose to act like God to please themselves and to impress the people they hate that they became SUPER REFINED WHITE like the sugar, so far from its original state…looks clean and rich, yet, so empty of energy-giving vitamins; of LIFE inside…because of their constant discontentment on what they originally have from the start…

Then, choose your creamer. The creamer or milk will make the coffee rich, just like the Wisdom of God…giving the bitterness of coffee (that is, your ¨past¨) and the over sweetness of your sugar (that is, your ¨handwork¨) the BALANCE, the SENSE, on why they came into your life.

Mix in your mug 2 teaspoons of your chosen grinded coffee and your 2 teaspoons of sugar. Then add 1 teaspoon of your (powdered) creamer/milk…Add the hot water.

As you can see, your creamer is just 1, just like Jesus. But, the creamer balances it all, the bitterness; the sweetness, to give you the RICH, CREAMIEST CUP OF COFFEE…

…your CUP OF LIFE…

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