The one who smiles the most

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It’s so easy to like people who smile a lot, and easier to love those who makes us laugh like there’s nothing wrong in the world and nothing bad is happening at all in our lives.

Have you met such a kind of person whom you’ll never ever suspect has been through hell and back, so to speak?

Do you know of someone who’s always able to bring a smile to your otherwise pouting or downcast lips?

Someone who seems to bring some rainbow with her when she’s around? Or some bright-colored pens to turn that grayish mood you’ve got into a spectacular splash of bouncing colors?

“He’s just a face painted all in smiles
Jumpin’ up and down and makin’ people happy”

But unlike the song “Three-ring circus” where the clown is said to be lonely deep inside, how about someone who really isn’t lonely deep inside but has so many things to dampen her disposition yet she shows none of the worries that could bog us down with her?

Like a good friend who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, has had chemo sessions, lost her hair, and owes many people some amount? Yet on and on she goes like there’s nothing to cry about. If you need some ears to listen, she’s there to share her time, hold your hand and soon you’ll both be laughing at the wonderful silly things she could come up with.

Then there’s another who’s so positive in everything she says and she’s much into community service you’ll suspect she has all the resources and time in the world to do charity… like she has no worries of her own whatsoever.

But wait… among her children is someone who’ll always “stay young”, who’ll always need her to make him feel secured, protected and well taken cared of — ’til the end of his life.

She has lost a loving brother, a wonderful father just recently, and few months after that, her Mom-in-law whom she adores.

She’s got a sister who just had chemo and who’s often scared of what’s left of her future. How she manages to cheer her up will amaze you.

She’s got an aging mom who’s quickly showing signs of dementia and there are days when tons and tons of patience is much needed to pacify her or convince her to do things.

She’s got a lot of bills to settle, groceries to buy, and medical maintenance among others … but you’d never see her complaining. And if you ask her, she’ll say “just keep working with a smile to keep the dough coming in. Never count how much you have to spend. Just focus on how much more you can earn. And the rest will follow.”

Well, some of us could relate to this. Maybe some won’t or can’t. But the thing here is that… no matter what challenges we have in our life, we just have to keep on moving forward like there’s no reason to go backward or stall wherever we are.

We always have options, yes. We can choose to be a blessing wherever we are, or resign ourselves to being ‘the grudge’ all the time.

No one’s perfect, yes. But we can condition our mind and heart to always follow the path towards positivism and influence the people around us… by being the one who smiles the most.

And I’m glad the mirror is reflecting an image of someone who smiles the most.


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