The One That Got Away….Me

The One That Got Away (Photo Credit: Arc-records)
The One That Got Away (Photo Credit: Arc-records)
The One That Got Away     (Photo Credit:   Arc-records)
The One That Got Away (Photo Credit: Arc-records)

Ever thought of the persons who broke your heart in the past? It maybe an ex-boyfriend or a first love ? Can you imagine, that once upon a time in their lives, they regret letting you go? But it was already too late to win you back?

You were the one that got away. But they were too foolish to admit that they made a mistake. And they suffered for it, at one point in their lives. They expressed regret for that decision, but they cannot undo it anymore, because you have moved on.

Can you imagine them saying these words to themselves? “I’m the one who left you, and you’re the one who’s fine.”

Now isn’t that some sweet form of revenge?  Kidding aside, I think it really happens to some failed relationships and it serves as a painful lesson to those concerned.

A similar situation happened to me. An ex-boyfriend  found a way to track me through common friends.  He was the one who left me for another girl, but after several years, he suddenly expressed regret for his decision.  He told me , maybe it was Karma for him because his wife left him for another man.

He apologized to me for giving me heartaches, but I told him it was okay. What was done was done.  I understood everything, and I didn’t have any hatred for him.

Both of us have different lives now. We are both matured now, and sad to say we couldn’t continue where we left off because so much has happened in our lives. We have outgrown each other. I also have someone in my life.

He told me, it will make him feel better if he said sorry to me. I told him it’s all water under the bridge now.

But I was glad that he suddenly realized my importance after some time, and somehow, I’ve made an impact in his life.   He told me that maybe, if he ended up with me, his life might have beeen so much better.

I remember a song of Claire Marlow, a not so famous singer, and the story is somewhat like that. The title of the song is “Without Me.” It is from the perspective of the one who initiated the break-up. Here are the lyrics of this song.

I had an inspiration to call you on the phone, to tell you I once loved you, there ain’t nobody home…

My nights are cold and empty, are you out there alone, without me?

It’s really for the better that you’re not in today.

I shouldn’t still be trying to talk to you this way.

But I can’t give up hope, you’ve started to notice yours, without me.

Without me, how can you live?

My world is gone, but you carry on without me.

I’ve made my life fulfilling to take you off my mind.

My head is always willing, my heart is not that kind.

I’m the one who left you, and you’re the one who’s fine, without me.

author:  mariands


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