The Metro Manila Environment

Polluted City (Photo Credit: Trendsupdates)
Polluted City (Photo Credit: Trendsupdates)
Polluted City    (Photo Credit:   Trendsupdates)
Polluted City (Photo Credit: Trendsupdates)

Metro Manila is one of the busiest places in the entire country. Like New York, it is the job capital of the Philippines. Countless opportunities knocking at your doorstep, but at the same time, trash continues to pile up everywhere.

Metro Manila is now overpopulated and polluted.

There are slums everywhere. Most people think that when they get to Manila, jobs will come running after them however, they fail to see that their health and lifestyle continues to change and weaken. There are simply too many people so whenever there is an outbreak of a certain disease it is very easy to contaminate hundreds. Overpopulation also causes the heavy flow of traffic around the Metro and it is because of the same reason why pollution is widespread.

Water pollution is also very evident. Take the Pasig River as an example. Every year, people conduct programs to help clean the river. Why every year? It is because people don’t learn from their mistakes. After cleaning the river, they still continue to throw their trash there causing even more problems.

There is also air pollution because of vehicles all over the Metro. People also smoke especially in public places even though it has been strictly imposed not to. Let us also not forget land pollution. There is trash everywhere. Mountains of trash are collected each year and we have no idea where all of these are going.

Noise pollution is another factor to be considered about Metro Manila’s environment. Because of overpopulation, more and more people need cars which would eventually lead to noise. As you can see, everything else is connected. One factor causes another. It is an endless cycle unless we do something to stop it. Manila, in a way, is no longer a place suitable for residency. People are getting sick and all these types of pollution are causing too many illnesses. This leads to stress or worse— death.

If I am to be allowed to have a say on this issue, I would suggest that people should consider transferring to the provinces. It is safer and more fitting for a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, Metro Manila can still be improved and probably in the near future, it will look impressive again.

author:  purposedrivenNCL


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