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 In 23 years of living in this world, I never thought that I would hit on an idea of  living alone. Yeah, forever alone, and it scared the shit out of me. And the option to avoid it is being married, to have a partner in life; your better half. But the idea of it is becoming more sarcastic and harsh for most people nowadays than what I view marriage from my parents. I am not married yet but I have an idea of what having someone beside you for the rest of your life would feel like.

 My mom and my dad sometimes fight and I think that it is normal for couples. Their ideas are different from one another but they survived each other’s company for several years and still they are standing together. Why is that?

What is wrong is when someone tries to change the other person to fit on the standards of the partnership. No, because in the event that you try to change someone, it is not the person anymore and he/she will not be the one for you. The person does not complement you. In the event that you found the person who can complement you. Never ever be that person. You are you, and the person must accept  what you are. Acceptance is the one of the keys to a solid relationship.

My mom accepted even though she hates it when my dad farts while watching television and my dad accepts my mom even though she bosses around. Yet they stood together. They never seemed ideal with each other, but they made a good partnership.  I believe that in looking for your better half, he/she does not have to be ideal, nor be the other half of you. People are created as a whole without the other half missing. There maybe flaws on your body, but they still make you whole and living. What your partner does is to compliment that wholeness; from your personal attitude, looks, to your interest. It does not need that you do have the same interest but the other person must be just be the person himself and wholly accepts you as you. you accept the person as he or she is. and you complements his wholeness. In order to find that person, be the first one to be whole, to be you, to be the person that you wanted to be.

I realized that happiness is never equal to the other person. Having the one for you may give joy to your being but it never equates with happiness. Happiness is a road. not a destination. If you are looking for a partner in life, be happy first. enjoy what you have right now and share it. Happiness was meant to be given, not stored. So share the happiness with you and the person who can complement you may be attracted to you. People are attracted to persons who are happy, not with someone who have dirt bags on them.

Just be you. and no one can love you more except yourself. Do things that will bring joy to others. Never ridicule yourself nor ridicule others. Never also be molded by false ideas of what beauty is as presented by the society. I realized that looks can really be deceiving. first hand experience. It is the attitude that counts and expect the person will say that he or she is happy that they have you.

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