THE HEIRESS Series (Story of Xanther—1))

He followed his comrade as fast as he could, he is falling behind. He felt his left leg start numbing. They now entering a forest and his vision become blurred. The distance between them is greater and he can’t move on any longer.

“Xanther!” shout James, his comrade.

“What happen to you Xanther?” asked his captain. They turn back when James saw him fell down.

“It’s a poison captain,” said James, he found a needle at Xanther’s left leg.

“How comes there’s a Westerners here captain?”

Westerners know a poison needle masters.

“We are in northwest James,” answered their captain. “Help me carry him. I had a friend somewhere in the end of this forest, before the first town. It’s a little farther, so let’s hurry before the poison gets into his heart.”

He could feel the liquid on his tongue but he could taste nothing. Xanther tried to open his eyes but only darkness he could see and he can’t feel his body. He feels he is in the midst of black hole. He felt is pulling in the middle of darkness, away from the light. He shouted and raise his hand to reach the light… but the light disappears. He is now lost.

He felt a light warm in his palm. It enters his hand and feels it run in his veins through his body, and an air wants to escape in his lungs.

“Hah,” he breathed. He seems drowning from his own breathing and his heart beating so fast, then he heard a gasp beside him.

He caught a small blue light from the girl’s hands clasp on her chest. The little girl looks startled. She hurriedly hid the necklace around her neck.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“My name is Elleneth, my lord,” answered the little girl and bow. “But my friends calling me Elle.”

“Elle,” he said to himself. He thinks, the little girl is about ten years old. “How long I’ve slept?” he asked. But before the little girl able to answer, the door open.

“My goodness, Xanther you’re awake, finally!” James exclaimed happily. “I thought you’ll sleep like forever!”

“Am I that worst?” he asked.

“Yes. You slept for whole week,” his captain answered, Brooke St. John.

“What? But, the mission Captain!?”

“Don’t worry, Captain Sims and company delivered it safely,” smiled his captain.

“No. That cannot be! I fail my first mission!” Xanther thought. He feel ashamed how they didn’t able to finish their mission, his and James first mission. He look at James and want to apologize but he notice how happy the guy is.

“How come you smiled like that after I messed up our first mission.”

“Hey, forget it. It can’t be help during a first mission. Importantly, you are alive. We more messed up and fail if you die. So don’t think about it bro,” James pat a hand in his shoulder and he seems saw red roses around James and heart shapes pop out from him.

He look at his captain and his eyes asking what happen to this guy. His captain just laughed.

“Nah. Don’t mind that guy. He was been like that ever since he saw Helena five days ago.”

“Helena Moores from Squad 3?” he mouthed. His jaw drop looking at James seems at cloud nine.

“Helena… oh Helena—” murmured James repeatedly.

“Elleneth!” exclaimed by a frightening woman. She enter the room and grab the girl. “What are you doing here?”

The woman face the three men and bow. “Please forgive me my lords. Pardon me if my niece bothers you,” said the woman, still bowed her head. It was Xanther who respond.

“No madam, it’s okay. Elle just accompanied me here,” he smiled at the worried girl. He saw the girl feel relief.

The new arrived lady look at the girl who is little worried again.

“Lord Xanther! I am happy you finally awake!” a newly arrive old man. It was Master Lee, the host of the house and a friend of Captain Brooke. “Elle dear, what are you doing here?” Master Lee notice the presence of the girl and Xanther saw how the Master surprised with little worries.

“He is Master Lee, my friend for years. He who help us took out the poison in your body, his herbs medicine heals you. It almost reach into your heart,” said his captain.

“Ah, don’t mention it captain. I help those who needed my help as long as I could help them,” Master
Lee laugh. But Xanther saw him diffidence.

“We will leave now my lords, she suppose to be not here. Forgive us.” The two lady bowed and left the room in a rush.

The men wonders especially Xanther but he start suspecting what’s going on. The girl heals him. She used that thing in her neck that the girl hid immediately.

“Ah, you must be very hungry my lord. I will tell my servant to prepare a good lunch that this house never have!” Master Lee announce and laugh then get out the room hurriedly.

But he sounded bewilder, James thought. He notice the Master’s reaction towards the girl. Does he know about it?

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