The Dark Light

(Photo Credit : Ladyleet)
(Photo Credit : Ladyleet)

For the ones who decided to let go and found themselves lost yet naively hopeful ( or maybe not).

This is but generic.

The same words you read and the same meaning anyone can conjure. But let it flow into your eyes, like a river that ceases not. Like a sea in its peaceful state. All words provide and such as this would be enough.


When in that cold and unknown moment I held you as if tomorrow is also ours. It was such like that pending scene of answers. We mocked the world. We were but just two flesh, it was my first, that feeling of your soft lips on mine and we never thought it wouldn’t last but a moment..

I missed them.

Those times that I had to be unruly and saying all the time that you’re the first and the last, all the way, to nothing but wrong presumption. I was at fault and I never thought that the time we set, 2 damn years, would then be like a wink of an eye, a passing of a gentle breeze. Just like the kiss we shared amidst a dark light, amidst a moment I never thought but I always knew.

Fleeting. A moment. Just like that. A closing horizon. A fireworks too beautiful. A setting sun.

It is no lie.

That there were time I wish you back. Those soft lips that were once mine and I had to let go. BUT I MUST let it go, let you go, and let the world we had turn into ours cease existence and leave us apart… as if we were never destined to be apart.

All that is left are memories and dreams…

of you coming back and living that time no matter how limited and cruel the world can be when I held you and kissed you. It was my first. Those moments when I was unruly and told you, you will be the last. But I was all the way at fault, it started with us in a dark light. It went on bright, but I dimmed the lights, and it was me who has to let go. The curtains fall. Story ends perhaps and you can never see me smile. Except for lifeless pictures and unaccepted memories.

And to end this, I move on.


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I am Filipino born in Saudi of an OFW mother. I am currently discerning whether I chose the right vocation correctly. I like to read, write and listen to music. I suspect that I am a bipolar but I never have the courage to go to a psychiatrist and find out for myself. Nuff said. :p.
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