The Damasos of the Catholic Church

Enough! After the grueling years of discussion and debate, it’s time to make Life easier to all – Make it happen Pres. Aquino!


Mrs. Jacinto and Mrs. Zamora are both employee of plastic factory. Both of their spouses work on the same factory. They have the same salary and benefits. Mrs. Jacinto lives in squatter area in Valenzuela while Mrs. Zamora lives in a p2,500 apartment in the same city. Mrs. Zamora’s children go to private school while Mrs. Jacinto’s children are in public school but some are not enrolled. Mrs. Zamora secured the college educational plan of her children while Mrs. Jacinto does not even provide the everyday allowance of her children.

They have the same income but why Mrs. Jacinto is far below Mrs. Zamora economically? Mrs. Zamora has two children while Mrs. Jacinto has eight and that’s the big difference that make them financially apart…

How many families live the life of Mrs. Jacinto? How many parents shared their income to ten or so family members? How many students go to school without allowances for food? How many children stayed at home or in streets because their parents have no budget for their studies? How many families live in squatters area because they can’t afford to have a house of their own? How many Mrs. Jacinto we have in the country?

How are you going to deal this alarming problem of population growth?

For many decades, our government has been held hostage by the Church and its belief of natural way of family planning. Undeniably, this “belief” leads to multiple unexpected pregnancies, 2 million babies every year, thousand of street children and family relationship gaps because of poverty. For many years, our country continues to experience desperation and hopelessness; we know the reasons behind but we just let it pass because of apathy. Our government officials let it pass because of worry to what the Damasos might do come election day. Lets make it right now – It’s time to do what is right for the country – take care of your people and stop pleasing the Damasos.

Responsible parenting goes hand in hand with family planning. Without this, we can’t expect an average percentage of sustainable families. Natural way of family planning has given reasonable contribution to level the population growth; however, in the midst of new age, it cannot stand the impact of advance technology to the society. The so called new generation has emerged with new and hyper activities that needs to be properly addressed. This generation needs to be presented with additional options on how they could responsibly manage their sexual activities and the future of their families. There are many studies and experiences proving that using contraceptives can effectively deal the alarming problem of population growth. These studies should be given enough weight.

It is very obvious that the growth of population is one of the factors why our budget does not meet the needs of every individual. Lets take education for example. Before we only have 40 students in a classroom, now we have 100 students. This is sort of saying that the budget for 40 students is now being shared by 100 students. This is also true with health or other government services. As population continue to rise, more people are competing to get their share of the limited budget the government has for them. If it continues, every effort to create jobs will be outdone by the bigger population. If before only 100 people is out to compete for 1 job, today it’s 200, then time will come thousands of people will desperately lined up to get that one job.

We should not wait for that time. The government should start waging and leading the fight against immense population growth. If the church is active on its campaign for natural way then so be it. This will help. However, the government should also present other options to further manage the population growth. What we need are responsible “choices” and access to it.

For the Damasos, what you think of moral does not necessarily mean right. Look around and observe. See if you truly communicate the values of church (other than natural way of family planning) to the people. See if you effectively inculcate the teachings of our God. I know even it is hard to admit, the answer would be “NO”. We all shared the same problem and we end up dealing with this same problem. We cannot give proper and accurate services to the people if they are too many. The scenario will always be helplessness and hopelessness. So give the issue of population control to the government. The government knows the economics better than you do. Run the church and let the government run the country! For once, practice faith. Have faith on us. Our government today deserves our TRUST while we deserve our FREEDOM OF CHOICE…

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