Taquitos or Tonitos!


Taquitos (Photo Credit : Workplayrest.info)

I went through days where I was asked to buy Vinegar but bringing home soy sauce and those were the days when i thought my aunt was really pissed off of me (but who didn’t go through that??). Anyway, looking back, it was one of the memories i had when i was a kid and sometimes being a topic in office, it’s really nice to recall those time.

So now that i’m a mom of a twin, i find all the bloopers they do-funny (heheheh! bloopers they do unknowingly) so i wanna share them as a wanna preserve memories of their childhood that i know they will laugh at when they grow old and read this.

Setting: Sunday afternoon, i was doing something in the net, i felt like eating Taquitos so i asked Kuya to buy me one.

Mama: Kuya, bili mo naman ako ng Taquitos, ung malaki ha.

Kuya: Eh wla kayang nabibilan nun dito

Mama: Sige na gusto kumain eh, hanap ka dun sa harap ng school

Kuya: Sige na nga, isang Taquitos, malaki.

After 10 mins, Kuya came back shouting right from the gate saying that there was none from the store.

Kuya: Mama, sabi sa’yo wla eh

Mama: Saan kaba nakarating ang tagal mo

Then Joshua volunteered.

Joshua: Akin na mama, ako na lang bibili.

Mama: Sige kunin mo ke kuya yung pera ikaw na lang maghanap

Joshua: Ano ba pangalan ng bibilhin

KuyaTonitos! Tonitos! Sabi na nga kasing wlang tinitindang ganyan dyan eh, Sige maghanap ka hanggang 7-11

I stared at Kuya, asking him again what he was looking for

KuyaTonitos!……Tonitos?….Tonitos ba un mama?

Mama: Anong Tonitos? Di ba Taquitos ANG pinabibili ko sa yo?

Hahahah,,,all the 3 of us ended up laughing with the Taquitos turned Tonitos! Kaya pala walang mabili kasi Tonitos ang hinahanap instead of Taquitos!! BTW! SAan galing yun Tonitos??? LOL!

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