Roots and Wings

November 23, 2017 Leah Rev 0

We were born without luxury. Our Father was an ordinary plumber and our mother was an ordinary housewife who sometimes cooked some foods and tried […]

Kay Tamis ng Tatlo

August 9, 2017 malaya06 0

  Ano nga ba ang tatlong salitang pinakamasarap pakinggan? Marahil masasabi mong “I Love You” ang tamang kasagutan? Mula sa minamahal mong irog na iyong […]


July 17, 2017 R.F. Baria 0

She gave up on her dreams so she can be a great role model to you. You became her world the moment we were born. […]

Welcome Home, Mama!

February 18, 2017 april13 0

Do you have that person in your life wherein no matter how many times you say “Thank You”, you know that it won’t ever be […]

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