Subtle Patterns

Chapter 1

I was almost sure I was going to pass this time but I didn’t maybe it was because the instructor started to write notes on the form even before I got out of the driveway, maybe because my trainer and my instructor were not friends and by that I mean they did not respect each other at all or maybe just maybe I really did fail because I failed, but anyway getting a license in this city is not easy, as I pondered on this thought more while walking home in the start of summer I stopped and looked around

“I’m lost” I told myself

So I started to walk back the way I came but to my surprise there was a house blocking my way, nay a mansion and I use the term ‘mansion’ loosely’ this was big, huge, gigantic even. From the outside it looked like an edifice of inquisitive proportions I say this because It would be almost impossible to count how many windows this thing has but enough of what the size of the house is I would rather tell you more of what happened next

The problem now is do I knock or just keep moving forward I decided against both and tried to walk around the mansion first I tried the left side and nope can’t get through there, so I tried the right side still no luck so I decided to just keep walking forward the way I was going and I barely got 5 metres from the house when I heard a low inaudible sound it was as if there was a secret conversation and I’m not invited to listen and understand. I tried to make out the words but I just can’t and just when I was about to give up I heard a…


I was looking to see who made this sound and there it was again it was a little bit louder this time “Pssst” I started to squint to see if there was someone at a distance and there it was again this time it was so loud I thought someone was right beside me “Pssst!” that was about the time I turned around towards the mansion and saw someone standing by the front door

“Hey you” this person said

“Hey” I managed to say “I seem to be lost” I managed to say some more

“I know” the person replied

I was a bit confused when I looked up at the sky and realized it was getting dark because just a few moments ago the sun was up and blazing and now all that remained of this day was a warm zephyr and a failed accomplishment as I looked down I realized the person by the doorway is now by the gate and now so was I. All the aggravation that has compiled itself with me through the day was slowly easing away all because she was here with her divine look, her discerning blue eyes and most of all her all out compassion for what’s right and what’s to become of those who are right I still cant believe of all the chances my luck is this, because of all those who deserve to have chances in life, she’s here with me now

“Hi” she told me

“My name is Hope”

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