Songs in the Key of Cory

Music has a special ability to stir our emotions, soothe our souls, and gather people together. Just like music, Cory Aquino was such a great “song” to us Filipinos, and the rest of the world. She helped in stirring our emotions towards the injustices of a dictatorial regime. She soothed our souls in dealing with our anger towards oppression, by being calm and prayerful. And just like any great song, she was able to bring immense inspiration and hope to the Filipino people, so much so that we were inspired to gather together peacefully those fateful days in EDSA 1986, to overthrow tyranny, and restore democracy.

As with great songs in history, Cory will live on in our memory, and in our hearts, for a very long time. She has truly touched the souls of many people, including me. And as my humble tribute to our great president, I have collected some songs that I believe resonate in the “key of Cory.” Enjoy the sounds, and may these tunes resound in your hearts. May God bless Cory, the Filipino Nation, and the world.

(These are songs gathered from Youtube. If you’re on Facebook, just click on the pictures, and they will start playing. Enjoy!)


“Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo” (composed by Jim Paredes) – written right after the EDSA People Power Revolution 1986, as a reminder of this historic event. One of my all time favorites, and still gives me chills!


“Magkaisa” (by Virna Lisa) – another EDSA inspired song


“I Have Fallen In Love (With the Same Woman Three Times)” (words by Ninoy Aquino Jr., music by Jose Mari Chan) – a poem written by Ninoy to Cory, made into a song by Jose Mari Chan


“Your Heart Today” (composed by Manoling Francisco, SJ) – a song dedicated to Ninoy and Cory, it is Francisco’s deepest prayers for the couple. It is also a very popular church song in the Philippines.



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