A walk in the sand

Hands clasped, tight

As unspoken lie


A whisper in the ear

Love sworn to keep

Till the ever after


A look in the eye

To the lips begging

For kisses to die


The union of two hearts

Lost and found home

In each other’s arms


…While by the window

Across the seas,

Down the shoreline


Someone is waiting…


Someone he vowed

To have and to hold


For better or for worse

For richer, for poorer


In sickness and in health

Till death do they part?


Does destiny know the pain?

When hearts are broken?


Or just too blind to see

Its own heartbreaking



Watching from afar, it feels like raining once again. Some minds are going insane. Some hearts are cursed and blamed. But she can’t just stand there and watch herself losing to pain. What is it there to gain?

Nothing but time – time to close your eyes and realize that there is no such a thing as too much unforgiving because, love forgives.

Forgive, but don’t ever forget – the pain, the struggle, the overall ‘torture’ you suffered deep within. Nobody can help you through it but you. He can break your heart a thousand times, but he can’t break you. The ‘you’ who is willing to break the cycle, embrace change, forget the pain and would choose to swallow the art of breathing once again.

What happened to the slideshow that you saw?


It turned into a new YOU.



Ready to fall in love again.


(Photo Credit: (www.vix.com/Maceió Alagoas /Shutterstock)

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