She’s The One

She’s the One (Photo credit: News.instyle)
She’s the One (Photo credit: News.instyle)
She’s the One    (Photo credit:     News.instyle)
She’s the One (Photo credit: News.instyle)

Andrew is quite the boy next door type. He looks like David Archuleta. He is part of a band in the University. He had a girlfriend. The most popular girl in school, Amanda. The first few months in the relationship was fine, until Amanda, got tired of always waiting for his boyfriend. Andrew always have band practices and gigs outside school. At first, she was part of the groupie that always cheers for his boyfriend’s band. Until she got tired of the whole thing and wanted something new.

One night, Amanda told Andrew that she wants to be alone and wants to cool off with him.

“I love you, Andrew, but I need to prioritize my studies first. I neglected it because I focused on our relationship. This is just a cool off. We might be together again. Just give me this space I wanted.” Amanda said in a serious tone.

“Okay. If you need some space I will give it to you. It might be hard for me to adjust but, I will be busy too because the Battle of the Bands is coming up. I hope that, after all of this is over, we’ll be back together again.” Andrew said in a sad tone.

 They hugged and kissed one last time and went their separate ways.

 Amanda is very pretty, but was too self-centered. When Andrew became popular in school, she was the one who pursued Andrew. She always gets what she wants and she doesn’t give attention to people who are unpopular or the nerdy type.

 But Andrew doesn’t know that Amanda is secretly dating someone outside school. She gets bored easily and wants to have some spice in her life. After being with Andrew for  6 months, she  wants to try something new. She wants to date again but she couldn’t tell Andrew directly because he was a very nice and lovable guy to let go completely.

If Amanda didn’t pursue him, Andrew would have given his attention to another girl that he admired for so long. That girl is Molly. She is quite mysterious and very different from Amanda. But he finds her interesting. Andrew, no matter how popular he is, is somehow shy with girls and always at loss for words.

He worshiped her from afar. A prim and proper, convent bred girl. Molly is a tall, slim, poised girl. She has long, flowing dark brown hair, cute nose and an exquisite mouth.

 She is quite a loner, by choice. She doesn’t socialize much. She has her own world. She loves to draw and read books at her free time. Nobody really notices her because she wears eyeglasses and isn’t really conscious of her looks. She isn’t vain at all. She also knows how to sing but is somewhat shy.

 Andrew is a rich, cute guy with boyish looks. He is not that tall but he has this refreshing face and a killer smile. He is quite sociable too. He is funny and isn’t afraid to let loose. But he is romantic and sweet too. He loves playing the guitar, and he has his own band in the University. He loves cute and simple girls who aren’t conscious of their looks, but has a certain appeal, the one that grows on you. He lives independently away from his parents, now that he is in College. He comes from a rich family in the province. He lives in a condo unit near the University.

 Andrew suddenly heard the rumor that Amanda already plunged into a new relationship without telling him. So he confronted Amanda.

 “How could you do this to me? I thought you wanted to focus on your studies? I thought we’ll get together back again after some time?”

 “I’m sorry Andrew, but it just happened, I fell in love with Robbie. He had more time for me and he takes me to dates frequently, unlike you. He treated me like a princess.”

 Andrew was devastated with what he discovered. But he told himself.

“It’s good that I learned about it early. But I won’t lose focus. The Battle of the Bands is coming up, so I have to give it my best. The show must go on, even without her.”

One time he posted a notice that their band is looking for a female vocalist. Their band is conducting auditions. Andrew was the one handling the auditions. He didn’t have any idea that Molly knows how to sing. So when he saw Molly lining up for the auditions, his heart skipped a beat. Nobody really introduced them to one another, so now is his chance.

 “Hi! My name is Molly,” she flashed her sweetest smile and reached out her hand.

 “Hi Molly! I’m Andrew,” he said with a wide grin on his face and shook her hand.

 “Ok ,Molly, what would you sing for your audition?”

 “Well, I know that your band plays acoustic ballads and I think my voice is quite suited to the songs that your band plays.”

 “Okay, then, let me hear you.”

 Molly sang the song of Natalie Imbruglia, “Torn” in acapella. Andrew was surprised because her voice is so funky and edgy. It’s like you never expected a girl with eyeglasses to sing passionately and she is almost as good as the original singer. He was recording her voice while she sings. There were like 10 others who auditioned, but he was very surprised that she was this good. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. She is the vocalist that they all have been waiting for, and he will also have the chance to know her better.

 But he tried his best not to appear too excited. He doesn’t want to give himself away.

 “That was good. But I have to consult my other band members. The results will be known tomorrow afternoon. Good luck!”

 “Thank you. I’m hoping for a favorable result.”

“Well, I hope so, too.”

 Actually, the results only depend on him. Since he was the prime mover of the band, the band gave him the free hand when it comes to making decisions such as looking for a vocalist. Of course, he would choose Molly. He wouldn’t let this kind of opportunity pass him by.

 The following day, he announced that they picked her, and she was jumping with joy. She was very ecstatic, that she hugged him tightly. He was dumbfounded by the sudden show of sweet gesture, but he liked it.

 For the next days, they would be spending a lot of time together. He would also be able to stare at her, and see her like he’s never seen her before. Up close and spending intimate time with each other. Not only that, they share the same passion for music. Who knows what other feelings of passion their togetherness would ignite?

 They were preparing for the Battle of the Bands in the next two months. Every week, they would meet. They would try out different songs to sing and look for a good arrangement that is suited for her voice.

As they were spending more and more time together, they grew closer, and they were literally playing beautiful music together. They may not admit or say it verbally, but they were getting to be very fond of each other. Laughing, giggling, enjoying their sweet time together.

 A week before the big night, he invited her to his condo for some bonding moments together as well as practice some songs.  They are going to watch a DVD movie, ”Music and Lyrics.” That romantic movie of Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Andrew prepared some pasta and steak. He also prepared some margarita. They would also work out some details before the big night. They plan to have a helluva time together.

 They were both sitting in the sofa while enjoying watching the movie. They were laughing at the funny parts of the movie. They drank margaritas while eating their sumptuous dinner. After watching the movie they felt tipsy and so comfortable with each other. Her cheek rested against a spot between his chest and shoulder. Her knees were tucked up, her feet on the seat cushion.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and ran his fingers through her hair. Her eyes were closed and he could see her in her most sensual face. How could anyone be so innocent yet so inviting? He thought to himself. He couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her. So he lowered his head, and planted a sweet tender kiss. She was a bit surprised but nevertheless pleased. She smiled at him. He took that as a sign of approval.

 “ I love you, Molly.” Andrew said while running her fingers through her hair.

 “I love you, too, Andrew. I really wanted  to get to know you, and I’m very glad I found an opportunity to be with you.” Molly said while fondling his face.

 “This day is truly unforgettable !” He said with a enigmatic smile.

 “I hope we would win in the Battle of the Bands.” Andrew said with warmth and conviction.

 “Yeah. We will make beautiful music together.” Molly said lovingly.

 While they were sitting in the sofa,  Molly was softly singing a song while Andrew’s head rested on her shoulder. She was singing the song “Bubbly.”

 “Every time I see your bubbly face, I get the tingles in the silly place.”

 Lines from that cute song. Andrew looked up to her and smiled. She kissed him on the cheek, and they proceeded with the rehearsal.

 He was playing the guitar while she was singing. They indeed made beautiful music together. They were just a little tipsy but still alert. They were determined to win.

 Andrew, Molly and the rest of the band won the Battle of the Bands. She did a medley of songs by Colbie Calliat, while Andrew did a medley of songs by Jason Mraz.  People really cheered their band because they were like professional singers. Their repertoire was quite different because their songs were relaxing, and refreshing.  Unlike the other bands which were noisy and amateurish. For the finale, they did the song “Lucky” and they really had the chemistry. People noticed it.

 The next day, Andrew was surprised to see Amanda, and she approached him.

 “Congratulations Andrew for winning the Battle of the Bands. “

 “Thanks a lot, Amanda. I guess you made me stronger by breaking my heart.” He said with a hint of sarcasm.”

 Amanda then said, “Andrew, I want you back. Things didn’t work out with my new boyfriend. I missed you so much.”

 Andrew then said, “I’m sorry Amanda, I already have a new girlfriend, Molly.  I love her so much. We even share the same interest.”

 “Molly? That nerdy girl in school? Well, I didn’t know that she could sing. Do you really want an unpopular girl for a girlfriend?” Molly said in an angry tone.

 “Thank you for breaking my heart, Amanda. I realized that my life became so much better without you and I met the girl of my dreams, Molly.”

 Amanda couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t believe that Andrew would replace her all of a sudden, but she knows that she was the one who is at fault.

 Amanda was busy collecting stones, and lost a diamond like Andrew. She walked out of him hastily, with a tinge of regret.

 Molly and Andrew were more compatible. They were honest with each other and they know that their love story won’t end soon.

 They were truly happy and relaxed with each other. They found an Everlasting Love.

author:  mariands


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