Senseless Killings in Zamboanga; We All Cry for Justice

(Ohoto Credit: mindanaoexaminer.blogspot)
(Ohoto Credit: mindanaoexaminer.blogspot)
(Ohoto Credit: mindanaoexaminer.blogspot)

A comment I read from a link which I won’t mention moved me to writing this.

Justice is defined as being fair and reasonable. Is taking the law into your own hands fair and reasonable?

“Is there a motive?” Whether there’s a motive or not, no one is above the law. There’s due process but others prefer to do it their way, murder people in cold blood, take lives of innocent people. For the past years, I always see and read news about Zamboanga City being city of bombings, kidnappings and killings but I refused to believe it when I was there way back 2003 for a summer camp. We were given the chance to meet Mayor Lobregat, tour the city, have a feel of the different cultures present there. I always think that at times, media tends to exaggerate the news they get and in turn this builds up fear in people.

But just last week, something happened and up to now I still can’t bring myself to believe that it really happened. As a tourist, I’m having doubts visiting the city again and I fear for my friends who lives there. If I’m someone who lives there, I might ask myself this question. “Am I going to allow myself to live in constant fear for my life and my loved ones’ lives?”

I already posted some of this insights on my Facebook page. Last Friday afternoon, June 22, a good friend was shot along the busy streets of Zamboanga City. Yes, he was shot in broad daylight. Yes, it was inhuman. His name was Justine Raphael F. Wee. A registered nurse, working as an associate of Usana Health Scineces. He was a great friend, mentor, adviser. He’s one of the few people I know who’s very genuine. The type of person who’ll ask you how’s your day not for the sake of striking a conversation but he really wants to know how you’re doing. He would always text me, “Kumusta Ma’am Karren? Kumusta si Sir Habib? Kumusta kayo?” He would text my partner, Habib, “Kumusta Sir Habib? Kumusta ang makulit mong gf?”

I remember our last conversation, you told me to continue to be an inspiration to others. To always put a heart on what I’m doing. Yes, Sir Jad, I will. Will always do.

Justine, Jadjad, Sir Jad, Coach Jad, someone whom I knew for not so long but touched my heart, someone I got along the first time we met (which not all has this type of personality). We miss you already! I know you’re in good hands. You’re one of our guardian angels now.

What makes us sad even more is that Justine Raphael F. Wee is not the first victim of this senseless killings, not just in Zamboanga City, and without any action from the government, he won’t be the last. Around 200 innocent lives has been taken over the last 2 years and the authorities seems to neglect this issue when in fact this is something which needs to be addressed with urgency. Is 200 lives not enough as a wake up call? When are you going to take action? When one of your own is taken? A relative? A close friend? This is far from worse already.

We cry for Justice! Justice for the families and friends left behind who are having difficulties accepting this. Justice for the victims whose been robbed with the chance to fulfill their dreams.

JUSTICE FOR JUSTINE RAPHAEL F. WEE.  Justice for the countless innocent lives that has been taken.

Karren Kaye A. Tulang, Humanitarian, Blogger.
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