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Letting Go (Photo credit: Joyfuldays)
Letting Go (Photo credit: Joyfuldays)
Letting Go   (Photo credit:     Joyfuldays)
Letting Go (Photo credit: Joyfuldays)

If you love a person, don’t let her go.

I don’t believe that letting go is a sign of true love. Rather, it’s a sign of weakness.

Why? If you ask me, I would answer you with a question. Why would you stop if loving her is all that matters to you? I fancy sticking to the reverse side. Because you know what, if you really love a person, but has decided to end that relationship between the two of you, you’ll prove to her how she’s going to miss a big chunk of her life if she let you go.

Instead of situating yourself on the corner brooding about how your life is in a big mess because you broke up, try to be more productive, think of ways on how to bring the spark back, and the butterflies that fill your stomach because you just can’t take the waves of electricity in your veins.

Think of how she will love you more and not wanting to ever let go again. Think of ways, AND DO THEM.

If you have to wait, then wait. It’s all going to be worth it in the end. If it’s not, then make the first move, even if it means doing the same things over and over again.

In love, there is no such thing as selfishness and pride in you.
Because the pride you have is the one you love.

There’s a Tagalog phrase I made up that kind of summarizes all of this babbling.

Here it goes,
“Mahal mo nga eh, bakit mo pakakawalan?”
(You love her, why would you let go?)

author:  tonetteee


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