Relationship And The Spaces In Between It

Loe and relationships (Photo credit: jhexaduna.wordpress)
Loe and relationships (Photo credit: jhexaduna.wordpress)

I had a chat with a friend about relationship. That is why I am here writing my own version and beliefs.

I am not good in giving relationship advice, but I am fond of doing so. Once, I told a friend that I lost my virginity at the age of 21 because I planned on losing it. Because I just want to. The next morning, my friend told me that she just had sex with her boyfriend because she turned 21 that night.

Loe and relationships (Photo credit: jhexaduna.wordpress)
Loe and relationships (Photo credit: jhexaduna.wordpress)

We all read a lot of write ups about love and relationship. Although some books really give good advice, most of them just talk about the things we already know. We read them to assure ourselves that what we believe in are indeed true. But come to think of this, novels and love articles just play with our emotions. Did you even realize that our emotion is the weakest part of our being? It can easily be influenced, be swayed, be altered. That is where writers capitalize on, our human emotion.

Now, the all-knowing me would like to talk about common questions about relationship, and provide you with not so common answers. But I tell you, DO NOT BELIEVE in every word I have written here. I say what I said (or write what I wrote) without thinking sometimes.

When would you know you found the right partner?

You won’t. Not a chance. Everyone can be everybody’s right partner. It is the process of making the person right for you that makes it different. You do not decide on whom your partner should be because a partnership is a decision of two opposite parties. It is not just YOU who decide, it is BOTH OF YOU, and that means TWO.

When is the right time to commit?

Today. I learned this from my boyfriend. There is no right time, as we are the ones responsible to make things right. There is no special day because we can make every single day special if we want to. So if you tell me you love this person, but you are afraid to tell him/her because you think it is not the right time yet, then go back to your room and f*ck yourself. Maybe, just maybe, after you do so you will realize that indeed today is the right time.

Is it true that the longer you stay in the relationship, the boring it gets?

Yes! And that is the sweetest challenge – to keep the relationship exciting regardless of how long you stay there. Entertain yourself, explore things, change sex positions, visit new places, eat native foods. You will never run out of things to do, as long as you want to. Again this is a partnership effort.

If you want to do things which your partner is not interested in, that is okay. You do not always have to be together for heaven’s sake! You can stay home doing embroidery while he is out there climbing a mountain. However, once a while you can do a little sacrifice like you can accompany (or wait) for your guy to the jump off. You do not have to sacrifice embroidery in doing so, right? This will show him how far you can go to make him feel special. In return, you will be surprised to have your embroidered work laminated by him.



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