Reflections in Her Solitude

Girl lying on the beach (Photo Credit:


Girl lying on the beach (Photo Credit:

She is there lying on the beach, near the shore, taking her sweet time alone, closing her eyes while she listens to the water splashing, the waves dancing and sprinkling cool water to her face. It touches her face and moistens her lips. She feels the sand beneath her legs, she grasps the sand with grunt force, feeling the heat, and it’s rough texture. The light shines towards her face, she closes her eyes, and she felt that her whole body was enveloped with sunlight. She hears the birds chirping and the cool breeze whispering to her ear.

She was in this place called paradise, all by her lonesome. She loves solitude, she was like this for so long. She loves the serenity and the security it brings her, but sometimes she wishes that it would rain, so she would feel that she was not alone in her sadness. That the whole world cries with her, and showers her with love and care. Her tears won’t be noticed in the rain, but it would glare like crystals in the sunlight.

She is hoping that someone would walk by the beach.Someone who is as lonely as she is.  There would be a magical connection between the two of them. No need for words, but in their silence, they would understand each other.

She wants to seize the moment with someone, to make her spirit happy. She doesn’t care who he is and what he is. She doesn’t care if he has nothing to offer but a grain of sand in his hand, as long as the grain of hand is filled with hope.

Someday, they could build a castle together for all the broken-hearted people in the beach to enjoy and to instill hope that they too could find love once again.

She feels that her heart was shattered and it could never be whole again.  But she was hoping for a miracle to happen, and a savior to come, to make her believe in love again.

She was in a dire need of redemption, and the desire that , someone will  put back  the broken pieces of her heart together again, before the waves take her away to nothingness.

author:   mariands


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