Recap: 2013 NBA Finals Part 2 of 3

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Game 3: 3s For Game 3

2:13:41 PM | 6/12/2013 | Wednesday

How did San Antonio won Game 3 of the 2013 NBA Finals? Dig this. 16 long distance shots made by the San Antonio Spurs in this third game against the Miami Heat in the championship series. That’s already a wrecking record, as they broke the previous mark of 15 3-point shots set by 3 teams before them. And take note, they’re making those shots quite accurately, as they’re shooting 50 percent from there (16-of-32). How about that? You always hearing the guys like Mike Breen of ESPN goes “Green from downtown! Bang, that’s good!”

Daniel Green and Gary Neal were more accountable for those shots, 13 out of 16… and, in only 19 combined attempts (9 for Green and 10 for Neal). Parker made one, and Kawhi Leonard with two. Now I’m wondering, that’s only four guys, and the ones who made it the most were primarily, the role players (with a brief excuse for Green though as he started the game but still he’s on his role). Come to think that their superb guard Manu Ginobili, big men like Matt Bonner and even Tim Duncan can shoot like the way these four dudes on a lights out basis, they’re dangerous.

No match was the offensive prowess (?) of LeBron James and company, except for Mike Miller’s 5-for-5 from rainbow distance though (which gives him 8 straight 3-point shots made without a miss on his every attempt).

Game 4: Vintage: Dwyane Wade

2:30:51 PM | 6/17/2013| Monday

Vintage – that is the word to describe Dwyane Wade’s epic performances against the Spurs in Game 5. And for the third time though, it appeared to be another blowout game after the other for the NBA Finals as the Heat leveled their series to 2 apiece after that 106-93 victory at the Alamo city.

Considering this factor: the last time that the Spurs have been defeated at an NBA Finals game at home, was during their duels with then defending-champion Detroit Pistons – and it was way back 2005. As setback on Game 6 served a victorious game 7 in favor of the home team, just perfect to dethrone the Pistons and snatched the crown in their hands then.

Well, for whatever reasons, Dwyane Wade really needed that. He needs to step up big time. It’s not easy for LeBron to carry the team alone, especially if the Spurs’ defense continues to hound him along the way. He ended up with 33 markers though.

When was the last time that the Flash played at the Finals like… well, as the Flash? (I mean the real superhero-like role). 2006; when the Heat rallied all the way from a 13-point deficit in Game 3, and from that 2-0 hole to win the championship at the expense of the then-most-notable Dallas Mavericks.

He ended up with 32 on the game, with big plays along the way in the fourth quarter.

Game 5: Vintage: Manu Ginobili

3:11:37 PM | 6/17/2013 | Monday

Dwyane Wade’s a la ’06 effort was matched up well with Manu Ginobili’s epic act during the 2005 Finals.

He struggled on his shooting during the previous playoff games. And he’s on very usual off-the-bench roles. More than that, he’s been a huge disappointment for some of the fans, just 34 percent on his shooting and averaged just 7.5 points prior to the fifth contest.

That went on until Greg Poppovich adjusted something that went into the Argentinean’s favor.

Now, he’s part of the starting five on this game 5, and the result? 24 points and 10 rebounds, on top of his step back jumpers, dangerous slashing moves, and the daredevil look.

Moreover, it was a 10-point win for the Spurs. Another additional big thing, it is a huge step closer to the title for this year’s championship.

Another BIG thing, (sorry for mentioning these words again) Danny Green set a record for the three-point shots made in the championship series. And guess who the previous record-holder was? It was one of the Heat players in the name of Ray Allen, especially when he’d done that during his glorious days with the Boston Celtics. He could almost get the Heat back in the crunch time, not until Green’s 10th attempt went in – and that’s his 6thtrey of the night. And take note, it’s only Green’s first Finals appearance

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