Raison d’ Etre

Raison D’etre (Photo Credit : Industrialskads.blogspot)
Raison D’etre (Photo Credit : Industrialskads.blogspot)
Raison D’etre    (Photo   Credit  :   Industrialskads.blogspot)
Raison D’etre (Photo Credit : Industrialskads.blogspot)

1. One wonders at the onset of the cold where the sun and the warmth will be. One wonders about the fallen leaves and the shortened days while darkness lingers to hide what age refuses to accept. The wind hums faint carols as the Holidays draw near. Anticipation is painted on children’s faces while resignation clouds those of the old. Truly, there is no stopping the march of time.

2. No famous person died today. No celebrity to talk about. I scanned the obituaries not knowing why. Names and faces of the unknown. Their deathmattered not but to those they loved and cared for. Their meanings would stay with those they left behind. Pity then he who lived alone sans affection and love in solitude would be death unnoticed. Death unmourned.

3. The singular soul would protest and question why the peace of being alone be a bother to the rest. A tree stood alone for years and nobody paid attention. It fell making no sound yet everybody felt a lost. Why would a man be any different? The question needed no answer. Sympathy would suffice.

4. A medical study has concluded that more than 50% of 65 years old and over are depressed. That is no surprise. Nobody looks forward to the end. Nobody welcomes the unknown. Life then points more about what has been done, not what else to do. Vicariously, life is beheld thru the eyes of the young. Erma Bombeckcan only be half right.

5. Joey would ask why go thru life when 100 years after one is gone, nobody would even remember nor care that one walked this earth. What is the essence of it all? The answer can never be without pain. Neither can any answer fully satisfy. Acceptance of what would be, of who one is, of the hand one is dealt, could be peace.

6. Knowing what one wants. Determining as early as possible that,
which one must live by. Such clears the unlimited choices one must
face. Which stone to pick, which rock to throw. We learn lessons by doing. Scraped knees, broken bones, wounded pride, bloodied hearts, not withstanding.

7. Choosing is hard. As the Little Princewould say: ” what is
essential is hidden to the eye.” One basically gropes in the dark for the ideal that could have made a moment, a lifetime. For a commitment so true. For a love that will never die. What one sees are distractions and smoke screens, conflicts and biases. So one goes by with instinct, with intuition, with heart and hope.

8. Raison d’ etre. That which one was born for. Seeking such is no
easy task. Being true to one’s quest remains the real challenge. The search though is never the end. Once found, the reason is just the beginning.

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