Political Unrest

A look at politics and media (Photo credit: allvoices)
A look at politics and media (Photo credit: allvoices)
A look at politics and media (Photo credit: allvoices)
A look at politics and media (Photo credit: allvoices)

I have been in Singapore for about two months already, been to several job interviews and took a handful writing tests for various companies.  I may be witty and creative in writing, but unfortunately unemployed due to working pass issues. As I have gone to many interviews, I came to notice that the most frequent question asked is “Why do I prefer to work in Singapore than in the Philippines?”

Good question, isn’t?

I came in to every interview prepared and pretty much expected this question to come along. Maybe because I’m in a foreign land or for any other reasons that an employer wants to ask me this. My answer would always be “As a writer or a journalist, it’s not safe to live in the Philippines. It is one of the top countries listed as most dangerous place for journalists.

Actually, not only that makes me run away from our country. It is the mainstream news that makes me sick. Is it just me or politics is now conquered by showbusiness? Or it is the showbusiness that is conquered by the politics? I’m confused. Or should I say that the difference between the two is unimaginable because Senators are also Actors and the actors run for Senatorials?–the same goes for Presidency. Scary!

I’ve always wanted to write specially on political issues. But to be assigned to that beat would be a nightmare nowadays. I’m full of disgust to our government, its system and lack of discipline. If I happen to write about the Philippines’ government, it would be a biased with my personal negative insights.

Seriously, these mainstream media is who makes Filipinos stupido blinded by their feeds and uncontrollable power to poor Juans. How can you literate them by feeding them information on whoever PNoy is dating? What is this, Dating 101? Why don’t you push the Bills pro women first before teaching them how to date? Think about it.

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