Playful Soulmate And Destiny

Soul Mate (Photo Credit: Jinjersam.wordpress)
Soul Mate (Photo Credit: Jinjersam.wordpress)
Soul Mate   (Photo Credit:   Jinjersam.wordpress)
Soul Mate (Photo Credit: Jinjersam.wordpress)

I always believed in soul mate and destiny but I did not know that these two will play with me and proved that they are different from each other.

Nearly 8 years ago, I’ve met my soul mate. Everything seemed to be perfect. We acknowledged each others weaknesses and shortcomings. Even our both side’s circle of friends and family just clicked and were too happy for our relationship. We were the perfect couple that our friends praised and envied of. Until 3 years ago when destiny played a joke with us…

We’ve decided to work abroad together so that we could save up for our most awaited wedding. We were so lucky to be accepted to the same company and lucky enough to find ourselves comfortable with our new environment. We thought that everything that we planned will just happen perfectly. And so we thought…

To cut the story short,due to work-related stress and time mismanagement, he was taken away from me by a 3rd party. A lady who I believed was destined to be with him and be the mother of his children. I almost died. There were endless tears and dramas that until now I could break down and cry . He will always be my soul mate. I can still feel that. WE can still feel that. But then what he told me is definitely true, a lot of things been said and done and there is no point of return anymore even if we both wanted to. Isn’t it more painful to hear that from him?…

Then when my destiny came and saved me from distress. We were so different. We always quarrel but at the end of the day, we will always find ourselves on each others arms. He is not my soul mate for sure but were destined to be together. I do love him with all sincerity. We had so much challenges and tears but were still together and our love is just getting stronger.

You’re blessed if your soul mate and your destiny turned out to be the same person. You’ll be the happiest.

Am I happy with my destiny guy right now? Yes, definitely I am. Though a part of me, of my heart and of my soul will always be owned by my lost soul mate with surprisingly no bitterness at all. Just plain, cherished memories of the different connection that we had.

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