Pinoy Logic

I am an American, retired, and living in the Philippines, since March of 2009. I have been married to a Filipina for 20 years, legally married. We married in Texas in 1991. When we decided to move to the Philippines, we called and wrote letters and told all of my wife’s 63 relatives in and around Cebu City, to look for a suitable apartment for us to rent. We got here, asked them where the apartments were they had spotted for us and all we got were real blank looks! The “emergency” checking account we had set up for my sister-in-law…all wiped out when we got here. We asked her where the 40,000 pesos went. She had no idea. My own brother-in-law here made a secret deal with a Toyota car salesman to jack up the price of a 2009 Toyota Altis on us so he could get part of the commission.

My wife has a niece that is no longer speaking to us because we refused to pay off her 20,000 pesos loans to loan sharks here. We bailed out my mother-in-law three times because she borrowed against her SS pension. We “sponsored” a Filipino niece to go to nursing school in Cebu and she got pregnant the first semester and had to quit school.

Our first landlord in Talisay was using our water to water his roosters without our permission until I caught him at it. He also tried to tap into our electric line to put a light out there for his fighting cocks.

I asked a clerk at an appliance store how LONG the floor model fan had been sitting there on display and he said, “Oh, sir, this will be a very good fan for you.” Huh?

Right now the Ombudsman of the Philippines is about to be impeached for dishonesty and theft and one former General already committed suicide rather than face justice for his misdeeds.

I do not understand Filipinos at all. My wife exhibits none of the traits I have mentioned here and she was born and raised in the Philippines. She is as puzzled by their behavior as I am. I am trying, really trying to understand Filipino “logic”, but honestly…I think the whole country is “boang”, completely and totally boang.

-Steve Macon-

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  • Li Felipe

    another weeping comment from foreigner. filipino’s emotions are raging up again. funny because, you can’t “understand” why these foreigners keeps on saying negative about us. it is an honest opinion from them, based on experience. but i beg to disagree to generalize the whole country. what can we do from here? i guess, we unite and make our selves more disciplined. lets start from our selves, from our home so we can show the whole nation what filipinos are good for. by then, we can prove to the whole world that filipinos are not bad as they thought.

  • Lyka

    Shave your ass!

  • Lyka

    So funny that you do not understand Filipino logic. I wonder if Mr. Steve Macon also understands American Greed? Generalization is the same mistake committed by Hitler. How could you use a word as “logic” without any of your propositions containing such. I advise you to read sincerely our country’s history and learn about the American invasion to the Philippines transforming the country into being America’s first Vietnam, the cruelties and massacres of our villages. Honestly, we are also allergic of your white ass! If I happen to see you in public I am going to shave your asshole! By having insulted this country, are you being aware that you have also degraded your own wife? Recognize that you have a hatred of your own self! How dare you to have both insulted and stayed in this country, you better go now in hiding! Your own shadow shall going to murder you. You, beastly, shameless, greedy, asshole! Enough for our bitches! If he definitely does not understand American Greed, then, he definitely does not (understand) – and will never be able to understand Filipino Logic. I agree that he does not even understand his own. This American is in peril.

    • Kris

      Chill out. the way you speak is one reason to degrade your nation not just yourself, i know your defending for our country, but seriously… your just showing how twisted your logic is. i don’t give a crap about the past, screw that american greed and invasion crap you are talking about but if you want to talk about history then your just like one of those “indio”s, remember Rizal died for the country full of pride, as an “illustrado”, he show those spaniards that We filipinos will die in pride and honor. your just sprouting crap to insult the americans, not really something a educated person does.

  • kiko143

    “I do not understand Filipinos at all”- such kind of remark is indicative of a helpless and immature person who’s probably used at blaming others for his miseries and failures in life. Why are you here Mr. Steve Macon by the way? If you can’t bear the stupidity of the Filipinos then all the more you can’t bear the stupidity of the people where you came from… Out of this country, NOW!