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Pacman (Photo credit : Facebook)
Pacman (Photo credit : Facebook)

Pacman    (Photo credit :  Facebook)    The whole nation was shocked with last Sunday’s big fight and still mourning with Pacquiao’s defeat to Bradley.

I feel the same way as any other Filipino but we have to accept the decision as the champion himself has accepted this defeat. I don’t really get it with some of our fellow country men that they’d feel so bad about Manny’s loss when the great boxer has won and given us already so many fights. We can almost say he put the Filipino people back in the map.

Is just our nature to always focus on the faults despite of all our unrealized blessings or is it just the Filipino greed of always wanting more than what we have?

I don’t know the answer to these questions but one thing I do know, Manny is not the only one who’s been robbed of victory or unrecognized for his accomplishments. There is another hero who suffered more than PacMan, perhaps the most important person in our revolution and the most unpopular amongst our heroes. Yes I am talking about of our great supremo, Gat Andres Bonifacio!

Recent studies and documents provide us with information that Bonifacio could have been the very first president. There’s a theory saying Bonifacio and the Katipunan already formed a revolutionary government known as “Haring Bayang Katagalugan” prior to the Tejeros convention. This would make Bonifacio as the first president of the Philippines. However in the Tejeros Convention, Aguinaldo was elected as the president of the republic. Bonifacio felt he was cheated on this first Philippine election and drew his gun. With these, Aguinaldo used the incident to mark him as a traitor and set a trial ASAP. Historians believe the trial was already been decided before it even began. Andres was then sentenced for execution together with his brother Procopio in the mountains of Maragondon, Cavite. What’s worse, Bonifacio’s wife Gregoria was allegedly raped during his capture. The accounts of his execution said he tried running away and was shot at the back.

Can you imagine the founder and leader of the Katipunan to undergo such an oblivious fate?  Uncelebrated for all the things he has done! Pushed down to the 10 peso coin together with Mabini. Is this the Filipino gratitude?

This independence day that we celebrate today, the freedom of speech used widely in social media and all the freedoms which we Filipinos abuse are all possible because of this man!

Will the pride of Filipinos , Manny Pacquiao suffer the same fate as Andres someday? Persecuted by his brethren and forgotten in the pages of time.

We need to step back and look at ourselves. Admit of what we have become. Through acceptance, change will follow.

A better tomorrow doesn’t rely on hope alone. Change is the great need!

author:  seiki


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