(P43) Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward

Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward

Mar 24 2015

I asked the Police Region in regards to the retrieval of my personal belongings. This was their response:

We would attend with the person making the request to the address, to keep the peace while the property is removed. We can make arrangements with the home owner, if you ever are in town. Feel free to contact me via email or by phone when you are in Mississauga. We can definitely assist you with your request.

Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward
Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward

I didn’t want to go to Mississauga unless I was sure that my personal belongings were still with Tommy. I called Constable Gary, the police officer in charge with my case, and asked if he could give Tommy a call to ask if he still have my stuff. Cst Gary obliged and returned my call. He said that Tommy told him that his wife threw away everything as she got so mad. Cst Gary told him to reimburse me for those items. Tommy said yes. But knowing Tommy, nganga ako for sure.

Before I ended my call with Cst Gary, I told him about how the affair started and ended. He said that Tommy is a terrible person and should not be worth my time. When I sent him an email to thank him for his efforts, this was what he had to say:

I hope that you could get past this and try to start fresh, and be able to move on with your life. I am sorry that you had to go through this terrible experience.

April 19 2015

Just like my junk email folder, I didn’t know about the Other Inbox on FB. I chanced upon a story about it somewhere. When I found out where to locate it, there were hundreds of messages sent to me from anybody I never ever knew. But these messages that came from an Elsa C. sent on April 17 at 4:08 pm caught my attention.

You will be sued by first death threats you thrown out with my cuz libel, dagdagan mo pa at lahat ito itatapon as charges against you kuya tommy is backed up by huge community in canada composed of lawyears, doctors, other professionals and we will not let him down by just 1 person like you so you better stop or we will file charges against you and make sure this will be in toronto…

So I told her about Tommy’s deception.

Kaw pa din ang tanga at ang ma***di kasi kaw ang nagpupunta sa toronto paniwalaan mo ang ka***dian mo walang naniniwala sayo pathetic naghahabol ka ng lalaki kawawa ka naman

Eh anong ginagawa mo now

Tanga kaw pa din nagpupunta

Iniwan kana habol ka pa din ng habol

me: why do you say habol ako ng habol? Nasaan ba s’ya at nasaan ako? Whatever I have been doing to him now is to make him man up to what he did to me. I remember Trudy emailed me that your cousin was missing. She thought he was here. Magsama raw kami sa impiyerno. Kung nagpunta man si Tommy dito, ba’t ko s’ya hahabulin?

Bakit dahil wala kang s**

Gusto mo uwi ka ng pinas papakangkang kita kahit sa kabayo

Now diba sabi ng pinsan ko since January dika na kinokontak sa dami mong illusions

me: isang tanong isang sagot, ba’t ayaw n’ya ako bitawan nung nalaman ng anak n’ya?

Kasi magpapakamatay ka yan daw lagi mong sinasabi

me: ako ang bumitaw, ayaw n’ya, ako ang magpapakamatay? nasaan ba ang common sense mo?

at kunsyensya sympre matino pinsan ko na you courted for more than 3 years

me: ang galing ko naman, niligawan ko s’ya for more than 3 years?  saka s’ya nakunsyensya after 3 years in to the affair? ang kapal ng mukha ng pinsan mong magbaliktad.

Nakita ko lahat email mo pinagaaralan namin

To file charges against you

me: go ahead. unahan tayo. sagutin mo ako. ano ang reason ng pagtapon n’ya ng wedding ring n’ya?

Bakit nasa knya kung tinapon

me: kaya nga di ko s’ya mapatawad eh. niloko n’ya ako for three years. all the while nasa kanya ang wedding ring n’ya.

At alam mo din magkasama pa silang mag-asawa kita mo nga pics sa fb eh

me: palagi kong inaaway si tommy kung nakikita ko sa fb n’ya na magkasama sila sa pic ni trudy. that’s one of the reasons why I broke up with him in aug 2013. It’s the only reason why he deactivated his fb, to not hurt me anymore. kung fb naman ni trudy ang sinasabi mo, nakasimangot lahat pic ni tommy dun. sabi n’ya di na sila nag se s**. sinasapinan n’ya ng kumot namin pag natutulog s’ya sa kama nila.

Ganun ka katanga para maniwala

me: yes, I know. akala ko kasi matino s’ya. Pero mas tanga si Trudy dahil naloko na nga s’ya for 3 years, kinampihan n’ya pa ang nanloko sa kanya. At least si Tommy niloko ako to have me at para magtagal kami.

Ha..ha..ha..kawawa ka naman

I tell you pag di ka huminto sa nabasa namin makukulong ka

Pinagaaralan na namin lahat

I am a lawyer here in the phils

me: alam mo ba pinapulis ko pinsan mo dahil sa mga gamit ko na ayaw n’ya isoli?

sabi ng pulis di sila makikialam kasi may previous relationships kayo

Pero sa toronto ifile ang kaso

Di dito sa pinas

Pinagaaralan lang namin para malaman namin kung gaano kalakas kaso ayaw ng pinsan ko gawin pero si ate trudy ang nagpupumilit

me: oh, i’m rattled…go ahead…s’ya grand larceny. sige, i’ll go grocery shopping muna. let’s communicate again. marami pa akong kwento sa’yo.

Sorry but i.might not communicate with you anymore ayaw ko din makialam they dont know this

Closed lang ako sa mga anak at sa kuya ko kaya ako nagtry maghelp.

This chat  kept me thinking. What emails was Elsa talking about that has death threats? Aha! Maybe Tommy forwarded my hate emails to her. Spineless Coward! Instead of reaching out to me to make me stop, he kept quiet. All the while he had been forwarding those to Elsa? What a jerk!

I was so mad at Tommy that I forwarded that “you will be sued” message to his work email saying that if his side of the fence does not stop threatening or harassing me, I’ll really sue him for grand larceny/theft and fraud. It was left unresponded, as always.

I looked for a lawyer who could help me see if I had a case. I told him about the affair that started thru deception. He said that I could sue Tommy for my share of expenses because had there been no deception, there wouldn’t have been an affair. Had there been no affair, there wouldn’t have been those expenses. I could also sue for my personal belongings. He asked if I had an estimate of how much I was looking into as I might be able to file it thru a Small Claims Court by myself. I do not have to spend on lawyer’s fees.

But then, I didn’t want to take this to court. I just emailed Tommy about this between April 19 and 22 2015. It’s left unresponded, again. At least he knew that if they’d sue me, I have a counter suit.

Hmmm…Elsa C., a lawyer from the Philippines. I looked into her FB account. There’s nothing in there, but a posting saying that she’s in a hotel in Makati. And it’s a newly created account. I have a lot of lawyer friends in the Philippines. I asked one of them if an Elsa C. is one of their members. No, she said. Typical. Tommy’s side of the fence is all fake, just like him, a liar.

April 27 2015

Enough of Tommy for a moment. It’s me time. My birthday was fast approaching. I had to treat myself. I went to One Republic concert at MTS Centre, but it just made me miss Tommy more. I remember I’d text him once in a while and would leave my phone on everytime I’d go to a concert just so he could listen as well. Not this time. No more Tommy. It reduced me to tears.

Geez, enough of Tommy, Guy…the concert is starting.

Should I say it’s a lucky day?

I got bleacher seats to One Republic and later they were upgraded to 200 lower level. I was recording the entire show. Middle of the concert, my camera was following the lead singer being escorted from the stage…past thru floor seats…past thru 100 lower level…and rhru 200 lower level…and then…my seat. Suddenly at that split second we were face to face…I was dumbfounded…my right hand was holding my camera…it’s recording…but it’s in zoom…I couldn’t unzoom…didn’t know what to do…should I shake his hand…or kiss his sweaty and hairy face…should I focus my camera on him…it’s in zoom…I couldn’t unzoom…it’s so focused that I couldn’t see anything…should I focus my camera on the big screen instead just so I see myself as well…my entire being was shaking…starstruck  I guess…haay…I didn’t even know his name…FB posting).


I’ve always made it a habit now to check my junk email and my Other Inbox on FB just to see if there are other peeps from Tommy’s side of the fence who wanted to harass me. Voila! From my Other Inbox:

April 28 2015

Kisa: Hi po…di mo ko kilala pero pareho lang tayong asar kay trudy

me: Hi also. Why don’t we be friends and talk about it? How do you know her? Kabit ako ng asawa n’ya…

Kisa: Sa side ako ni tommy…Well we can be friends i dont see why not…

me: Pa’no mo alam banas ako kay trudy? ba’t banas ka sa kanya?

Kisa: Heard it from one of Tommy’s brothers. May ginawa din yan sa akin. Di lang kasi ako mapagpatol…I just let karma take its toll

me: ako karma n’ya for sure…

Kisa: That’s why i have you to thank…

me: marami kayo nagsasabi n’yan…gf ako ni tommy 87 to 89

Kisa: I have heard about you…I sent trudy a message thru viber just now…

tho i know what the heck is happening in your life right now you never heard anything from me. I am trying to keep my distance coz i am loving my life right now. Way more quiet and away from all those people who belittled me… i always knew you will do that.. i wasnt surprised at all.. however its just fine…

Dont push me coz one time you also told me that you are so happy that i have moved on and you want to move out of your relationship as well. Nobody knew that i never told anybody.. well whats new you had always been like that… so used to bein the “bida” oh well i dont even care anymore. I am just so happy that i dont have to deal with all those dramas… by the way, i know what is happening in your life so just beware.. i dont wanna stick my nose on your business so dont stick your nose on mine…. juat a friendly reminder.. you know i dont usually talk back but you are way overboard… handle your business first before you stick your fingers on my freakin life…….

me: she wants to move out of her relationship?

Kisa: Thats what she said before…

me: when?

Kisa: more than a year ago…

me: Kung relative ka ni Tommy, relative mo rin ba si Elsa C.? Close daw sila ni Tommy. Lawyer. Baka kathang isip lang s’ya ni Trudy? She sounded like Trudy when we were chatting…

Kisa: Wala akong kilalang ganun. Wala naman silang kamag anak sa ibang bansa eh. Si Tommy ang unang naka abroad kaya nga hayok na hayok sila sa imported na gamit at food…

me: nasa pnas ‘yung elsa. pero forward ko rin kay tommy ang threat n’ya.

Kisa: Di ko sya kilala…btw nasa pinas daw sila ngayon nakahotel sa shangrila…

me: saang shangrila? since when? when are they coming back to canada?

Kisa: May 1 yata. Malamang Makati. Nung Apr pa…mga first week…

me: sayang, now ko lang nalaman, pauwi na pala. inaabangan si tommy ng mga siblings ko eh.

Kisa: akala ni trudy takot ako sa knya sya ang takot dahil ang kaibigan ko ang inaaway nya eh pinatulan din sya…

me: korek!!! walang dapat katakutan ang mga nasa katwiran. s’ya nag uumpisa ng gulo. ginulo ka n’ya. anything that you do, in retaliation lang. katulad sa’kin, kung di s’ya nakialam at di ako binomba ng pambubuska, tahimik na sana ngayon.

Kisa: h’wag n’ya awayin kaibigan ko kundi ako kasi issue n’ya ‘to sa akin kaya lang ayaw ko bumaba sa level n’ya. I can feel malapit na bad karma n’ya. Nawa’y di s’ya maka recover.

May 9 2015

I got an FB message from Elsa again…

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