Our choice of politicians makes us third world

(Photo Credit: Youtube)
(Photo Credit: Youtube)

Sad to see that there are still apologists and loyalists for the Marcos regime and the Marcos family and many other politicians of the same ilk.

The state of the country unfortunately is directly related to this state of mind from many Pinoys. The main reason the Philippines is still much a third world country is the blind acceptance of politicians like the Marcoses and many others that are the same …inexplicably being blind to their many sins just because they are from the same region? Speaking the same dialect? We are not just voting for a favourite team…politicians affect our lives, our families and the families of our future generations more directly that we think.

The Philippines has NEVER been a rich country ever..under Marcos or not …..nor has it been good in many other terms that the loyalists and apologist speak of when they spread their lies about the Marcos regime..and inspite of his many “great” projects done in his regime…we have to remember that many other countries made better strides and have left the Philippines behind because they didn’t have such a crooked government who plundered their own coffers like the Marcoses did.. they made investments in their own country that made their countries better while the Marcoses were busy with many other projects to easily fool people into thinking they are doing good for the country..

Was he a great man? He was a smart man and displayed many signs of his intelligence no doubt..as many of his loyalists/apologists like to point out…like not needing speech notes etc..but a great man uses his intelligence and leave a legacy by making his country better not only under his regime but those to follow..a great leader unites and make people not care where they are from and make them realize that only the effort of ALL its people and ALL its regions is the only way to make the country better and not just better the region he is from and all his relatives and families and I haven’t even mentioned his many claims to greatness that were proved to be lies after (most decorated soldier?). I think he failed in using his intelligence to do a better job for his country to be considered a great leader..and it’s the same for many politicians that we continue to vote into office

The Philippines will continue to be a third world country as long as many of its citizens continue to be blinded by the many crooked politician they continue to vote into office. Our country and many of its people need to wake up.

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