One-sided Love Affair

You know what? I hate you! Yes, I really hate you!

I hate every single thing about you. I hate that long, silky hair that bounces in my front every time you pass by. I hate that precious smile that makes me heart-broken;l I hate those pretty eyes that make me stand frozen. I hate those lips that I really want to kiss; I hate that body that excites me to give you a warm embrace. Yes, I do. I do hate every thing about you. Because I am certain that those beautiful things I adore about you… can never be mine. I hate you for you don’t pay even just a little attention to the love that I want you to have. I wanna give you whatever I have, but it seems that you never care. You have shown me that you don’t want to accept it. You’ve proven me that I cannot have you even in my dreams. You don’t know how much I feel for you, but, what can I do? I don’t have the strength to say it.

One-sided love (Photo credit: blacktequila.deviantart)
One-sided love (Photo credit: blacktequila.deviantart)

I know that you cannot utter those sweet words because of that boundary; we’re friends, and I know that! We are really good friends. But, can’t we break those walls?

Oh girl, I hate you for making me fall deeply in love with you! And I can’t believe I did. Would it still make any sense if I say the words “I love you?” I’m afraid you’ll answer me with a “No!”

I keep on hiding this stupid feeling for I am scared that you’ll just leave me hanging with my infatuations. I am frightened that we’ll be totally apart. Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault. It’s all yours! You made me fall in love with you.

How I wish that we’re together, happy with the love of each other.

Please listen to my last words…
“I love you! Please say you also do. Girl, I really, really, really love you. I love you so much!”

Is this enough to make you believe? No, don’t get mad at me. I just did this ‘coz I can no longer hide this feeling… this foolish feeling that tortures me every time I think about you. And that every time means every second of my life. You just don’t know how much you mean to me. You don’t know how much I care. You don’t know how much I feel for you, because if you do, you’ll be mad at me. Please don’t make me realize that I am really just a friend. If you feel the same way to me, do not hide it.

Oh girl, please… please don’t be so selfish letting me live in this one-sided love affair.

author: G.Kabalyero


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Lagalag ang utak. Minsan abnormal. Madalas nagpapaka-normal. Simple pero maloko. "Kahit gaano katigas ang baluti ng isang Kabalyero, may malambot na puso pa rin na nagtatago sa likod nito." - Ginoong Kabalyero

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  • charing

    I guess I’m wrong after all. Maybe next time he will be brave. Your welcome its a nice blog.

    • G.Kabalyero

      No, not at all. 🙂 I think he’s braver now. haha. Thank you again!

  • oryxman

    Always remember if that was meant to be no matter how many trials or storm comes on your way it will happen and everything happens with reasons.

    • G.Kabalyero

      Thank you for such message. Sadly, it wasn’t really meant to be. However, this “one-sided love affair” didn’t really last long. In the end, things gone well. You are right with your statement “everything happens with reasons.”

      • oryxman

        Yes it does no matter how you wish to end just like we wanted to be happy ending sometimes it turns sour and walks opposite way,life work in mysterious ways and nothing to be scared about it because if you dont try you will never know and just wish you did and at the end it hurts more for not doing it or tried.Minsan ang buhay mapaglaro pati sa puso at damdamin….but we all deserves the chance to try even how bumpy or thorny the path we go,and remember you cannot pick up the prettiest one and take it home,because at some point you have to unwrap and open the package and deal with what inside with it…this way we will be much strongest person to face all kinds of challenges that will come along the way….CHEERS….

        • G.Kabalyero

          Yes oryxman. That’s exactly what G.Kabalyero did. He dealt with the surprises of life. So, after this one-sided love affair, he found out that there’s a lot more gifts to unwrap and a lot more happiness to experience. Indeed, after realizing these things, he became happier. CHEERS to everyone who conquered heartaches!!!

  • charing

    Oh wow I thought mostly women feel that way 🙂
    Just curious why you need to hide it and why you don’t tell her how much you care and how much you love her? I hope one day you have the courage to tell her who knows she just waiting and I hope its not too late when you do, goodluck

    • G.Kabalyero

      Nope. You just don’t know how many men feel the same thing. We (guys) have huge and fragile ego. We can’t easily accept rejections and that’s maybe one of the reasons why the feeling was kept. But of course, if you really love someone, you’ll do everything right? Maybe, G.Kabalyero wasn’t so brave that time. (LOL) Thanks for the message.