On Meeting an Annoyingly, Over-Competitive Person

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It is quite common for some people to be too competitive to the point that they have already become annoying.  Be it in academics, sports, office promotion, beauty contest and many other situations, name it u will find such a person.

People have different sense of achievement and for those who are overly competitive it becomes their life. They do not have very close people around them and if they do, they are the assistants, girl-Fridays, or people who can help them climb to the top, seldom someone who could be a strong rival. So friendship is limited to those whose goals are different as theirs.

Often times they become a cold and calculating person with nothing in mind but to achieve their goals. They are bold and you can feel the pressure they inject into their work or activity.

I admire people who have aspirations and work at it diligently. The types who are also driven but do not detached themselves from people. They remain friendly and are not being arrogant and pushy to others.

It is normal for some work environment for people to be competitive and sometimes the organization that they work for encourages such competition such as in Marketing where they always give incentives to top salespeople.

But it is still too important to practice fairness and be a likeable person as not to annoy others.

Over competitive people do not care if they offend people or are even aware they do. For them, speed up or be run over.

In my experienced I have encountered one such person. She introduced me to this kind of behavior for the first time. It was like a baptism of fire as we are still in the age of innocence. I was only fifteen at that time, and girls my age does not care much for getting ahead.  Everything is about enjoying school, make lots of friends and do fun things together while preparing for college.

Here’s what happened. Each of us four clerks [we signified interest in that position and we were accepted] was assigned four classes each to record, and computes the grades of each student. We were supposed to submit it to our CAT teacher for final recording.

On the third grading period, I went to my teacher to submit the grades of the assigned classes to me on the scheduled date of submission.

Before I can hand over the grades to our teacher, the girl standing next to the desk of my teacher told me, that she has already done the grades of the four classes I was handling.

I was shocked – I was only able to muster the word,’ why.

Then casually she just said – “I am already done with mine and I have nothing to do so I did yours, with a grin on her face. I will describe that smile like she has one upped me; I was too annoyed no words came out of my mouth. ”?

Obviously she went through my record which was just kept in the record area of that room, which only the four of us have accessed.

I was not aware of any awards or extra bonus for what she did, but I was sure she was trying to impress our teacher to the detriment of my assigned duty.

I left the room and just hold on to my records in case there would be complains or discrepancies with the students’ grades.  Our teacher was already busy doing the final grade for that period so I didn’t bother to insist on my report. Besides it seems like our teacher didn’t mine who he will get the grades from. So I just let it go.

Expectedly there were complaints and few irked students. So the teacher made the adjustments when I showed my record to him.

That experienced taught me a lesson in self control and forbearance. It also taught me that there will be people like her and you have to either compete with them at their own phase or let them fall flat on their face.

Being young at that time, I was not prepared to handle such situation- you could hear a pin dropped. I just walked away and avoided to make a scene. Looking back I guess I did the right thing.

There’s a saying, choose your battles.  Not all issues are worth fighting for.

Life is full of competition but it is not to say that we should step on other people’s toes to get ahead in life. But we should not let other people get the best of us either. Keep calm and don’t lose yourself in the tension of the present.

Competition is not all that bad. It can motivate people to reach personal and organizational goals. It keeps people on their toes and could produce good results.

But when people take it too the extreme, it could create strain for everyone.

I read that in one seminar, the speaker had a demonstration involving balloons.

He told the participants to look for the balloon which has their name on it.  After an hour no one was able to find his balloon. The speaker then told them to get any balloon they can reach and give it to the person whose name appears on it.  After just few minutes, everyone has his own balloon in his hand.

If only people can stop being self centered, be a team-player and a human first, then even competitions can be fun.

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