OFW: Today’s Modern Heroes!

Kamusta kabayan! As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) they call us a modern hero or “bagong bayani”. Do you know Why? One reason is because we contribute to the economic growth of our country through our remittances. Another reason is we give our family a comfortable way of living back in our country.



A Hero

A hero is a person who is willing to sacrifice all including himself for the sake of others. But we are a hero with a different personal sacrifice for the sake of our family. We sacrifice to be miles away from our family for a several days, weeks, months and sometimes years without no birthday and holiday season to celebrate with them. As we work here in abroad we want to save up to the last centavo of our salary, we live in a more economical lifestyle way of leaving here abroad without recreation to relieve our stress. Our daily life are just continues cycled in this routine; House then Work and House again then Work “paulit ulit lang” to save more money. We think more for our family than to our self. 


It is tearful if you experience the situation when you feel homesick, you cannot avoid the tears to fall from your eyes. But thanks to our modern technology today at least we can speak, hear & most of all see them through a webcam.

Other Side of A Hero

Although behind our sacrifice, back in our country we are a hero or “Bagong Bayani” to them. But here in the country we are working Sino nga ba tayo? We are just an ordinary person na nagtitiis at nagtitiyaga lang sa ating mga trabaho alang alang sa kapakanan ng ating mga mahal sa buhayNot all of us are lucky in our current working condition here in Abroad. Some of us are facing a difficult situation, some are being abused by their employers, some are working longer hours than stated in their contract, and many other situations that become an additional burden to your personal sacrifice. Yun iba nananahimik na lang at pinagtitiyagaan na lang ang kanilang sitwasyon, because of afraid to lose their job and go back to our country ng walang kasiguradohan kung anung nghihintay na kapalaran doon. Some choose to stay here “hangang kaya pa ng katawan ko sabi ng iba” but sometimes they still here hanggang sa abotan na sila ng kanilang pagtanda. Why this is happening? Because some choose to sacrifice himself than to sacrifice the lives of their family.

Be A Hero to Yourself

Be a Hero to yourself also. We can be a hero to them as well as to yourself. Think also for yourself because caring for yourself is also caring for them. Some of us once they got their salary immediately they send it in their family. What is left to them? Only a portion of their salary enough for their expenses and living here abroad without any Saving in their hand. They let their family handle the saving for their future. This idea is unrealistic not practical don’t just rely on them to handle your saving or your future. Because the only person who is much better  to know the value of your earning here is yourself. 

Dahil tayo ang mas nakakaramdam at nakakaalam kung gaano kahalaga ang sakripisyo, pagtitiis at pagtitiyaga natin sa ating mga trabaho upang kumita ng pera dito sa ibang bansa. 

I did not mean that your family is not thinking in your future or don’t care for your sacrifice working abroad. Ganito yun iba na ang sitwasyon kapag hawak na nila ang pera dahil alam nila na next month magpapadala kana naman ulit. So by giving only exact amount will teach them to budget and realize the value of the money you send to them. In addition explain to them your goal, why you need to give them only an exact amount of their monthly budget. Tell them that the money you are saving ay para sa kanila din naman at pagdating ng panahon sila din ang makikinabang niyan. By telling them your goal and involve them in it, definitely you will achieve your goal & your dream as well. 


Therefore to be a real Hero you need to be a Hero also to yourself. We don’t need to sacrifice our self for a long time or until we reach our old age. By take in charge of your own future, start now to Save and learn how to Invest. Because our work here is not for a long time and we did not know if suddenly will happen. Let me ask you a question; How long do you want to carry your sacrifice? So start saving more & more and Invest it.


“It is better to start it slowly than never start it at all”

Thanks for reading & see you in my next post.

God Bless to you….

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