Observing Manila Bay from a distance

Just this afternoon, I went to the terrace,my eyes were aching from watching TV and my back was hurting from constant lying. This has always been my concept of a rest day, just lying lazily with the TV and bunch of DVDs as companions.

I was alone and my brain was numb from watching four consecutive movies, so I thought I could use a scenery other than what I see on TV. It was raining outside and dusk was approaching. The rain brings a gloomy and mysterious ambiance to the surroundings; there was a poetic touch in the air. I looked over to the horizons in Manila bay, the sky was painted in the vivid shades of red and orange, almost turning into the color a delectable glass of red wine which I thought was ironic.

The contrast of vivid reddish color of the horizon and shades of darker gray. The sea was serene, disturbed only by the tiny drops of a receding rain. I could see tiny fishing boats near a green teardrop like island and the yachts that sway in the slow tango of the gentle waves. The city was already lit by several dozens of neon lights. Cars were slowly crawling waiting for the green light. The spires of CCP building seemed like a sketch in charcoal. I couldn’t see many people walking or running in wet streets. Looking from above all of it, detached from all the noises and buzz, it was a picturesque afternoon. The rain had washed-up the dirt and stench of the city and the cold wisp of wind has started kissing my skin. Despite the glittering lights that signalled the awakening of nocturnal creatures and maybe car honks that I couldn’t hear from where I was standing, a comforting and laidback feeling blanketed me as if nothing bad can happen in that moment.

If only I can truly capture it. Words couldn’t be enough.

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