Nonsense News XIII: Impeachment and Plunder

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1. Impeachment charges against Aquino have been filed by leftists, church based organizations and human rights groups. Among the complaints is the allegation that DAP funds were used to compensate landowners who were required to distribute their lands to farmers, the Cojuangco-Aquino clan included. Hacienda Luisita, which “belongs” to the President’s family, was at the forefront of former Chief Justice’s Corona’s impeachment since he ruled that Hacienda Luisita must be divided among the farmers. With the impeachment complaints against Aquino, looks like politics and consequence have turned a full circle. Ah, life, the wheel that gets one on top runs one over just the same.

2. Vice President Binay with 21 other Makati officials on the other hand has been charged with plunder for a parking garage built at the cost of 1.56 Billion Pesos which according to National Statistics Office’s data should have cost only 245.6 Million Pesos or an overprice of roughly 755 Million Pesos! Jun-Jun Binay, the Vice President’s son and current Makati Mayor who shot up in the nation’s who’s who infamous list due to his “Do you know me?” arrogance directed to a lowly security guard who was only doing his job, said the charges were filed by “perennial contenders and serial losers in Makati elections.” And that he and his father are ready to face these complaints and charges. The wheel of political fortunes does turn.

3. It is a rationalization if not an excuse that Aquino supporters float, the scenario of Binay being President once Aquino gets impeached. The tragedy of such happening is being likened to “from the pan into the fire”. It must be recalled that Binay won the election because some of Aquino’s followers supported him instead of Roxas. And that Binay had a long history with the Aquinos, especially Cory. With Aquino’s impeachment charges and Binay’s plunder complaints, there exists the possibility that the President and the Vice-President will be out of office. So who takes over according to the Constitution? Yes, the same Constitution that prohibits DAP? It will be Senate President Drillon followed by the Speaker of the house Belmonte. Is Filipino Juan happy?

4. The suspect is always the one who will benefit the most. The profit motive always holds the key. In a nation of non-caring stakeholders and of a people’s attitude approaching anarchy, the power wielders have monopolized among themselves the seat of governance. Election has been reduced to a relay race with the baton being passed from one ruling class to the next. A circle that never seems to break since the Republic was born. Dynasties are the end with whatever means necessary. And that is whatever means necessary, no holds barred. In the PDAF’s and DAP’s continuing saga, following the money will lead to the truth. A commodity long been discarded. Which brings to mind, after two Aquino presidents, with the entire government at their disposal, have Ninoy’s killers been found?


Sad, isn’t it?

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