My two year journey to invest in the Philippine stock market

(Photo Credit: Rappler)
(Photo Credit:  Rappler)
(Photo Credit: Rappler)

I am writing this not to brag but to encourage, empower one or two of you who read this. I always try to stay positive and upbeat. Life is not easy when you are poor but it’s even harder when you are carrying ‘garbage’. For those of you reading this, constructive criticism is good but please do not bring your useless negative attitude on the comments for others to read and absorb. Sinulat ko sa english kasi po to make it shorter as well as hone my dollar spokening ability 🙂

I am an OFW, a caregiver. In short, I wipe butts. The job ain’t easy and the salary is not high or low but definitely way better than what I can get back in the Phil. For the first several years, I have nothing to show because of so many good causes but all of them end up a drain of money especially that it was “managed” by the well-intentioned people I trusted who also has a lot of “needs”. I ended up with an almost empty bank balance, frustrated and nursing grievances. I had learned a hard lesson that I had read again and again from reading ofw blogs, articles, etc.

My lesson? No one is accountable for my decisions, specifically my money but myself. No one can help me if I don’t help myself. Trust myself. Rely on myself. I, me and myself. Oh yeah, I’m gonna take a selfie! Sound selfish? It’s up to you, your choice. I learned the hard way the meaning of personal accountability.

Back to the heading. It took me two years to buy my first investment because I was so full of fear to lose any of my hard earned money as I have very little left. But I already knew that I had to fight the fear if I want to improve myself. The people listed on Forbes mag doesn’t have a place nor time for fear. I knew i needed to find a way to improve my financial situation or else I will still end up back home planting camote. Camote is sweet and nutritious but too much will cause a loud smelly fart :p…

I read about the stockmarket but I barely understand it despite having an educational background. I read people make or lose money on the stockmarket. I read about how much Warren Buffet is worth and I can only wish. But there is no genie. I have no idea about the stockmarket but I made a choice of educating myself on the stock market.

Good thing there are online stock brokerage in our country. Because it is online, I don’t have to rely or ask favors (that last a lifetime) on other people back in the Philippine. It took me two years because I took the long way of learning because of my fear of losing money as well as I let myself get distracted. In the end, all I can say is that I don’t have to learn what is the difference between EBIT and EBITDA to buy my first stock. All I need was my willingness to take the first step and that is to send the requirements to open an account in an online stock brokerage. And the rest is history…

After two years of prevaricating, I close my mind to my fears, the negative thinking and open an account in an online stock brokerage. From there, I’m bit by bit educating myself.. The important thing is, I am already in! Nothing is definite but educating oneself will lessen the odds of failure.

For us who has an easy access to the internet, you only need to apportion time in learning despite keeping hectic schedules. You can find endless learning materials on the internet like blogs, articles, e-books, websites which offers tailored education on investing…

For most of us OFWs, we might not not accept it but money usually dominates/dictates our life as we experience hard situations working abroad. So make a choice of making that hard earned salary work for us for a change.

Every aspect in our life carries a risk. Be like water that always try to find a way. Your choice!

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