My Tantalizing Twenty at the Press Presentation of Bb. Pilipinas 2011

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I had the HARDEST time selecting my favorites in the Press Presentation of the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 beauty contestants, unlike last year where I was quick to choose my favorites. But I found out that if I divided my favorites according to what I liked in FACE, BODY and WALK, it made it easier than pie.

These selections, btw, are not my final ones but only my impression of the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 beauty contestants during the Press Presentation and how they looked and carried themselves on stage. My biggest disappointment though is that this bevvy of beauties is (on the average) not as tall as I’d hoped they’d be. Unfortunately, tall girls seem to get more favor in pageants; yes life is INDEED unfair at times.

Although I was at the Press Presentation and took photos, I relied heavily on the Youtube Vids of OPMB in making my choices in this particular post. Click to watch Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5, Group 6, Group 7, and Group 8. Thanks so much to OPMB and Boyet Blas for being among the best in covering beauty pageants, what would I do without you?!

The Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Press Presentation was held after lunch on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at the Luzon Ballroom of Sofitel, the old Philippine Plaza Hotel… and now, here are the girls whom I felt shined the most on stage! Those highlighted in RED are my major, major favorites!!!


#2 Elizabeth Clenci (FACE) 5’4½”

How I wish my neighbors looked like Elizabeth Clenci. This Filipina-Australian has that perky girl-next-door look that I find refreshing. Her ponytail added much to over-all look, but I would have loved to see her tresses trailing down her shoulders.

#2 Elizabeth Clenci


#4 Gianna Therese Quintos (BODY) 5’5″

Gianna Therese Quintos happens to be carrying a set of abs I wish were on my bod! Her legs look like a tennis player’s and just like the rest of her, carry not a whisper of fat. I wonder if this animal trainer gets her body from chasing and lifting the dogs in her class!!!

#4 Gianna Therese Quintos


#6 Patricia Mae Tumulak (WALK) 5’5″

Fierce moves combined with a friendly smile! I think Patricia Mae Tumulak is one of the few girls in Bb. Pilipinas 2011 who can be be fierce and friendly at the same time. Must be part of the wealth of experience she gained from being Miss Philippines Earth 1st Runner-up in 2009!

#8 Patricia Mae Tumulak


#13 Queenierich Rehman (BODY) 5’7″

Okay now how does Queenierich Rehman (the first human beatbox to join Bb. Pilipinas) make skinny look sexy? It must be because of the trim muscles she’s developed over the years playing varsity basketball from High School to college.

#13 Queenierich Rehman


#14 Marish Alyssa Marquinez (FACE) 5’7″

I have a weakness for maamo faces and my eyes tell me that Marish Alyssa Marquinez, a Nursing grad, has the most maamo face in this batch of girls. I can almost imagine her playing the role of a sweet provicial lass washing clothes in a batis, making tampisaw the water and singing a happy Filipino ditty…

#14 Marish Alyssa Marquinez


#15 Arabella Hanesh (BODY AND FACE)

Ayayay! This Arabella Hanesh is beautiful in front and BEHIND! Highly gifted in the curves department, she makes me wonder if another Filipina Indian beauty will strike gold in Bb. Pilipinas. Arabella Hanesh, a TV host for “MagTV Na Atin ‘To”, is one of my over-all TOP picks so far…

#15 Arabella Hanesh


#16 Sabrinne Al-Tawil (FACE) 5’8″

This big-eyed Palestinian Filipina has one of the most striking faces in Bb. Pilipinas 2011! While Sabrinne Al-Tawil seemed reserved on stage, as if keeping a secret from the audience, her elegant smile shined through. I don’t know about you, but this Dentistry student reminds me of the lovely actress Nanette Medved…  Sabrinne Al Tawil, btw, was one of the finalists at the Miss Friendship International 2010 held in China last year.

#16 Sabrinne Al Tawil


#23 Luzelle Felipe (FACE) 5’7¾”

When Luzelle Felipe came out on stage, I thought, WOW, now THAT’S a Filipina beauty! She was one of the very few contestants that did not come across as flirtatious and instead carried herself with a regal quality. How this tricycle driver was transformed into a delicate beauty is still beyond me, but I approve 100%!  Afterthought: Luzelle Felipe could pass for the sister of Bb. Pilipinas World 2010 Czarina Gatbonton.

#23 Luzelle Felipe


#25 Isabella Manjon (WALK) 5’7″

Isabella Majon was one of best cat-walkers in this group of Bb. Pilipinas contestants. She’s like a human slinky, I swear! This varsity swimmer also has a huge presence on stage with her striking face and exotic widow’s peak.

#25 Isabella Manjon


#26 Shamcey Supsup (FACE, BODY AND WALK) 5’7¼”

When I first saw photos and videos of the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 candidates, Shamcey Supsup was my main choice for the Universe title. And in the Press Presentation, she entered the stage like a winner. While her figure is slight, Shamcey Supsup has lovely proportions! She also happens to be one of my picks for Miss Talent

#26 Shamcey Supsup


#28 Ma. Paula Bianca Paz (BODY)

The temperature in the Luzon Ballroom of Sofitel went up a couple notches when Ma. Paula Bianca Paz stepped out on stage. This busty beauty sashayed on stage like she was on the white sands of Boracay. White sparkly teeth behind a sultry smile perfected her look. This is Ma. Paula Bianca Paz’s 2nd time to go for one of the Bb. Pilipinas crowns; she was a contestant in 2009, the year Bianca Manalo won Bb. Pilipinas Universe.

#28 Maria Paula Bianca Paz


#29 Krystle Ann Grant (FACE) 5’7″

This is not Krystle Ann Grant’s first time to do battle in a beauty contest. She has proven herself to be winning material after placing 1st Runner-up in Miss Philippines Earth 2007. What I love best about this Pinay from California are her eyes which are ever so slightly turned down at the corners.

#29 Krystle Ann Grant


#30 Kathleen Subijano (FACE) 5’6″

Kathleen Subijano has the face of someone I wouldn’t mind seeing everyday on TV. I could almost picture her as a morning show host, waking up the world with her bright smile! Did I mention that this free-lance writer comes from beauty queen stock? Kathleen Subijano is the younger sister of 1994 Bb. Pilipinas World Cara Subijano!

#30 Kathleen Subijano


#31 Samantha Purvor (FACE) 5’6¼”

Fresh-faced Samantha Purvor makes daisies blossom in my heart when she smiles! This UP Sports Science graduate reminds me of Miss Philippines Universe 1977 Anna Lorraine Kier.


#31 Samantha Purvor


#32 Jenn Roe Gubat (WALK, BODY, FACE) 5’6″

This is my second time to put Jenn Roe Gubat in an ABQ list. She was one of my picks in the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 beauty pageant where she placed in the semi-finals. This Bulakenya has blossomed over the past two years since I saw her and now has the mark of a winner!


#32 Jenn Roe Gubat


#33 Dianne Necio (WALK, FACE) 5’5½”

Well, it’s so nice to see you again Dianne Necio! I am impressed that you didn’t take a break from pageants after placing 1st Runner-up in Bb. Pilipinas 2010 last year. And, now that you’re 18, you finally meet the age requirement for the Universe title. Oh, and Miss Baton Twirler, it was smart of you to iron your hair flat – seeing long curly tresses on every contestant can get quite tiring…

#33 Dianne Necio


#34 Mary Jean Lastimosa (BODY, WALK, FACE) 5’5½”

Mary Jean Lastimosa is my Best In Swimsuit winner. My mind kept saying oo-lah-lahhh over her guitar-shaped body as she pranced around on stage. Furthermore, I could not help but help envy the flatness of her tummy. Mary Jean Lastimosa is proof that Arab-Pinoy DNA mixes are gorgeous from head to toe!

#34 Mary Jean Lastimosa


#35 Suzette Hernandez (BODY)

I’ve seen this lass before! Suzette Hernandez was one of my picks in the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010 beauty pageant where she landed on the 1st Runner-up spot. And now, I’m putting her in my list of girls who sparkled in the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Press Presentation. What I like about her? She’s got nicely sculpted abs!

#35 Suzette Hernandez


#36 Camille Alexis Baltazar (FACE) 5’5¾”

What does Camille Alexis Baltazar have in common with Pierce Brosnan, John Travolta and Jude Law? They all have the most adorable cleft chins! I first noticed Camille Alexis Baltazar when she sang at the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 talent show at Ali Mall and thought she was the cutest thing I saw on stage that day. But she dropped the cute in the Press Presenation and brought out the wooo-man!

#36 Camille Alexis Baltazar


#37 Sarah Nicole Clenci (FACE) 5’5½”

I opened my list with a Clenci and I end it with another Clenci. Yes, the Clenci sisters from Down Under both made it into the Top 40 of Bb. Pilipinas 2011 and this particular Clenci makes me want to drink a whole pitcher of lemonade! Sarah Nicole Clenci is hot, hot, HOT!


#37 Sarah Nicole Clenci


The ladies in the official roster of the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 are:

1. Zephorah Mayon

2. Elizabeth Clenci

3. Carolyn Ty

4. Gianna Therese Quintos

5. Jennielyn Natividad

6. Patricia Marie Tumulak

7. Angelia Ong

8. Ma. Kristina Marasigan

9. Bernadette Aguirre

10. Hazelyn Santos

11. Diana Arevalo

12. Carla Lacson

13. Queenierich Rehman

14. Marish Alyssa Marquinez

15. Arabella Hanesh

16. Sabrinne Al-Tawil

17. Gerlie Lero

18. Teresa Pamela Ludovice

19. Wendy Lucas

20. Jenette Noguchi

21. Kenneth Dimaapi

22. Paula Camille Figueras

23. Luzelle Felipe

24. Martha Chloe McCulley

25. Isabella Manjon

26. Shamcey Supsup

27. Janine Tugonon

28. Ma. Paula Bianca Paz

29. Krsytle Ann Grant

30. Kathleen Subijano

31. Samantha Purvor

32. Jenn Roe Gubat

33. Dianne Necio

34. Mary Jean Lastimosa

35. Suzette Hernandez

36. Camille Alexis Baltazar

37. Sarah Nicole Clenci

38. Ladylyn Riva

39. Glennifer Perido

40. Monique Manuel

The Grand Coronation Night of the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 will be on April 10, 2011 at the Araneta Coliseum.

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