My Stand

My Stand

For a Libran like me, it is unusual to jump into a conclusion without weighing things first or taking notes of the pros and cons. I am a happily married woman, product of a broken family, and trying to build a good future for my own family. As a family of 7, we had struggles and the road to growing up wasn’t easy. I have seen how my parents battled and gave up to poverty eventually leaving the 5 of us to the care of our grandmother. It is my prerogative to take a stand on RH Bill not only because of my personal experience but because I believe all of us have the right to choose what kind of life we want for ourselves and for our children or future children.

On RH Bill:

Having a family, from marriage to children, is a responsibility. RH Bill is not the answer to poverty and corruption, but rather, it is a start of something good. It will not eradicate financial crisis in families but will open minds to responsible family planning. From there, I believe RH Bill will make a big difference. However, as expected, there is a relatively big share of resistance from our kababayans. It’s Philippines and democracy speaks even in the unknown dungeons.  I say, hey, RH Bill is for all Filipinos. It is for all Filipinos regardless of their religion. It is for all women out there, mothers, parents, families, even fathers. RH Bill is not only for Catholics, so there is no point in bringing up God into this issue. All Filipinos, with God or no God, have the right to proper and adequate information about responsible parenting and family planning. To say that RH Bill promotes abortion is definitely a misled and blinded accusation.Using contraceptives or engaging into family planning is never considered an abortion.  We take only what we can provide or afford, as simple as that. And not only is that RH Bill about contraceptives, there is also the natural family planning and abstinence.

I adore children that’s why it breaks my heart to see so many unfortunate children are not being properly brought up  in all terms. While the very essence of becoming a woman is to bear a child, it is all women’s right to protect and take care of its body.  The majority of those who resist RH Bill must have a look around them and see clearly the lives of majority of Filipinos. The rise of poverty cannot simply be blamed to government and corruption. If you don’t have a stable job and you blame it to the government, do you also blame the government for your 5 children whom you cannot afford to send to school? One of your 5 children gets sick and needs medication but since you don’t have a stable job, you blame it to the government bantering on how incompetent the government officials are. Did you ever ask yourself why you didn’t have a stable job? Did you ever wonder why you have 5 children whom you cannot support?

You see, the answers for these questions will take you back from the start, from the moment you decided to have a family. Of course, there is no reason to regret the 5 lovely children because as parents, it is your duty to provide for them.  You see, a responsible family planning could have prevented this kind of worsening situation.  Giving birth and having children is not as easy as A-B-C. It comes with a lifetime responsibility that everyone should understand. If in case you got pregnant by mistake, contraceptives are not the solution, not even marriage. By all means, give birth and take the consequences. RH Bill does not promote abortion or usage of contraceptives while pregnant. By all means, give birth, be a responsible parent, and provide for your child.

I am pro life and pro RH Bill.

Yet, I know that discipline is still the base of everything. No matter how many bills or laws or resolutions are there, it is all useless without discipline.

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