My Mentor, my life giver, my mother



meet my mother,mommy for other ma’am Lacson for her student or whatever you wanna call her but for us, her 6 children and 4 grandsons we call her mama even my niece and nephew and yougnger cousins…mama for the niece,nephew and grandson???? why? look at her photo thats her most recent picture that was taken. doesn’t she look young to be called   “lola or grandma” hahahahaha! young to be called  like that.


look at that!!!!! huwaaaaaaaaaw! that was her 46 years ago beside her is my tita lale who’s now living n Sudan with my uncle…See how cute she was when she was 4 years old. some of her co teacher before always asked “is she your daughter? she’s pretty ah!” (of course im flattered hihihihihi!) i know (ahheeeemmmmm) no wonder im pretty….because she’s my mother. They said that children will look like their parents when they grow old hmmmmm im not worried.



She brought up the way my lola brought her up so i dont wanna bring her down…Were not perfect children for others but i know that she did her best to brought up 6 children with with the help of my father and my my late grandparents I know i didnt grow up the way they expected me to be and also my siblings but God knows how much we try to be the best for them. they may not see it but in our hearts and soul we want to achieve the kind of person they want us to be.



I can still remember this moment. this was my graduation in kinder2 (hihihihihi cute). My mentor is my mom literally speaking because she’s a teacher. she taught me everything I have to know in life from the smallest detail on how to sweep the floor properly to the biggest issue I had in my life and I myself  now is also a teacher like her as they say like mother like daughter.right? and im proud if it. We may be the lowest paid professionals but we are the second mothers of the the children of new generation future lies to us..Single teachers like me are like taking our On job training to be a mother ha!ha!ha!stressfull but self fulfilling. Now i understand why most of the time my mom is so stressed when she reached home from work  and tends to be very irate



Mama, mamu, mommy. mother, mudra, ma, I may not be the perfect daughter but Im trying my very best to be a good daughter for you and for papa. I may not say this everyday but “mahal ko kayo ni papa” although its not obvious but i really am. It’s just sad that now im thinking of doing this and saying this stuff over the internet when im living away from you and papa but this is the least that i can do to show my gratitude of being your daughter. Thanks for giving me life to share my knowledge to my nursery pupils and sorry for being stubborn most of the time…





from my students in singapore and me HAPPY BIRTHDAY and im praying that you may have many more birthdays to come to spend with those people who love you like us your children.. WE LOVE YOU!




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