My Life, My Job, My Career: How These 4 Simple Questions I’ve Learned In 2016 Helped Me Succeed

After eating at Leslie's (gosh we looked all so full)

Earlier, I ended my year to reflect on the things I’ve learned this year in a solitary place far, far away from the city. “The Prayer Mountain” as they call it. I saw many Christians too, offering their prayers of thanksgiving and supplication to God in the place.

My Life, My Job, My Career: How These 4 Simple Questions I've Learned In 2016 Helped Me Succeed

While I was spending time there, I had the chance to relax and feel the breeze of fresh air for a moment, then I proceed praying to God to check if my goals for 2017 is according to His will. As my usual prayer, He can do what everything what He pleases to my life.

My Reflections For The Year

While others are sharing their 16 lessons for 2016 or 16 happiness list, I would be generous to share the secret four questions I’ve learned that helped me to succeed this year. These questions helped to achieved most of my goals this year.

It depends on your perspective about success, but for me, there’s no greater definition of success than to live a life blessed by God.

The 4 secret questions that changed my 2016

Our lives are being shaped by the question we ask. Good questions lead to good outcomes, bad questions leads to bad outcomes.

Just this year, I involved in two accidents.

  • The first one was January. I was on my way home riding a motorbike when the motorbike slipped off because of the sand. My knees hurt, and a part of my skin has peeled off.
  • The second was August. I was riding a motorbike again going to the office, rushing because I’m late when another car hit me at the back. The motorbike wrecked and thankfully, I had no physical damage to my body.

At this point I would ask myself these questions:

  • Why I am so careless.
  • What I have done to deserve this!
  • Why does this have to happen now?

But these questions are unproductive, dis-empowering, and negative.

That’s how we react to situations, to problems, to adversities, and circumstances that are happening in our lives.

But ultimately there are good questions that can turn around your life when negative happens, and this is:

1. What makes this experience possible?

Do you see the shift? In my case when my skin has peeled off, I can never bring back the beautiful skin of my legs. It happened in the past.

But this question asked, what I have done before that accident happened. What caused? And why? It does not just reveal the ultimate reason, but it offers several positive benefits like I need to be careful in driving and watch my speed.

The bottom line for this question is, you cannot choose what happens to you but you can choose what will be your response to those situations.

2. How do you want others to remember you?

Imagine yourself going to a memorial service for the lost of your loved ones.

You see your relatives, brothers, parents, sisters, and friends grieving the loss.

As you draw near to the casket to see whose body lies there. You see yourself. Surprise! 

When the service starts, each of your closest friends and relatives will give an honor on the account of you.

What would you like them to say about you? What kind of impact have you made to their lives?

How do you want to be remembered by these people in your life?

Bringing out these question will help you to start at the end. What kind of life do you want in the end?

This has helped in creating my goals and action plans.

3. What matters most to you?

What matters most to your life? For me as a Christian, my faith is my priority. God is my first priority.

Next is my family, then career, and so on. No one can determine your priorities except you.

4. How do I get from here to where I want to go or what I want to become?

Yes, you need a goal and an action plan!

And that summed up my reflections earlier. I wrote my answers in my journal so I will always read it where I am or when I feel my life started to drift again.

How about you? Share at least 3 things that made your 2016 successful.


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